Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 19: The Challenge

The Tour de Fleece is beginning to wind down toward its conclusion on Sunday, but there's still a fair amount of spinning to do. For one thing, I'm almost done with the singles of the last of the Rainbow fiber:

This will be resting on the bobbin for a day or two and then Navajo/chained plied. And then I will officially be done with all 10 ounces of that fiber.

Today, however, is challenge day for the Tour de Fleece. Once the Rainbow fiber is done, I'll be tackling this Gale's Art BFL. My challenge? Attempt to spin my first singles yarn.

I'll be heading over to Natural Stitches tomorrow evening for a special TdF spin in. If you are of the spinning inclination, I hope to see you there!

Finally, a word to all of you who aren't really into the spinning thing. I promise that after Sunday, this blog will return to its normal (i.e., knitting) content. Please stick with me while I get all this twisting of fiber out of my system!


  1. That purple/blue/green fiber you're gonna spin into singles is for ME, right? ;-) Looking good!

  2. Love the Queertastic-ness of the Rainbow Fiber!

  3. You sure are making pretty yarn during this Tour de Fleece!