Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wee Ones

Up next in the parade of tiny knitted garments: some accessories designed to keep Rainbow's hands and feet toasty when he or she arrives.

Everything is knit from some leftover handspun. The socks are a variation on my Baby Ribs pattern. I made them a newborn size by going down to a size 0/2.0 mm needle and doing fewer rows on the heel flap and gusset.

The thumbless mittens were inspired by the pattern as well. Using the same needles, I cast on 40 stitches and worked 15 rows of 2x2 rib and 20 rows of stockinette before following the directions for the Baby Ribs toe.

Here's a peek at a project that you haven't seen in a while. Remember the sock yarn blanket?

I've lost some steam on this project in recent weeks, in part because (believe it or not) I've started to run short on yarn. I've completed five squares and gotten close to finishing a sixth. The problem with this sixth square is one of shortage -- the little bit of yarn you see here is all I've got left in some shade of purple.

The brown square is the most recently started. You might recognize the chocolatey brown and the tan yarn I've just joined -- they're leftovers from Mr. Foster! I'm not sure what will happen to this project once I finish the current square, though. I've certainly got a fair amount of yarn that could be used in squares, but most of it is blue, black, or gray, and ideally I'd like this blanket to represent all the colors in the rainbow. I'm starting to regret that I have such predictable tastes in sock yarn!

If it's lots of color you want, look no further than the yarn I started plying last night. This photo is especially for Amy, just to prove that there were other colors hiding on my bobbins!

I'm hoping to finish this ginormous bobbin up tonight. Stay tuned for the final results.


  1. The socks and mitts are adorable. I love the yarn you have spun!

  2. Anonymous6:40 AM

    I love the itty bitty socks and mitts - they're so cuuuute!

    The rainbow yarn is looking awesome.

  3. The rainbow yarn is looking awesome!

  4. Think this Rainbow bobbin is gorgeous and well deserved of the yellow T de F jersey! Can't wait to see it off the bobbin!

  5. Very cute socks and mitts, and I'm loving that yarn!

  6. Thumbless mittens, so cute! And I just love those sock yarn squares.