Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back to the Knits

Now that the Tour de Fleece is over, I thought it high time to return to my knitting. My Fountain Pen Shawl has been seeing a fair amount of action the past several nights in particular. I'm through five repeats (of ten) for the body. I've been weighing the remaining yarn after each repeat, and if the trend continues, I should have more than enough for some extra repeats should I wish to enlarge the shawl.

I also started another sweater for Rainbow -- this time a February Baby Sweater with the lace (hooray!) using some of my handspun. I've knit a little more since taking the picture, and I'm getting a nice striping effect from the color changes.

You may recall my lamenting the fact that there was a serious lack of purple in my sock yarn stash and that I had one square in Rainbow's blanket that would be unfinished as a result. Well, I should have known that knitters would never let another knitter go without yarn to complete a project -- Jess very sweetly came to my rescue an offered to send me some purple leftovers she had in her stash. I gratefully took her up on the offer, expecting just enough to finish that one square. I never expected to see this when I opened up the package waiting for me yesterday afternoon:

There's not only enough here to finish the one square, I think there's more than enough to do a second purple square. And there's an entire skein of some absolutely gorgeous Hazel Knits Artisan Sock yarn. There's generous, and then there's generous. Thank you so much, Jess!


  1. Glad you have an excuse to do the sweater the way you really wanted too! :-)

  2. Yay for the lace February sweater!

  3. You are most welcome! Need any more sock yarn scraps?! We seem to have opposite problems... my socks are all bright and match none of my clothes. But my scraps are good for your blanket!

    I need to do some duller (practical) colored socks this winter!

  4. I'm finishing up my first FBS right now and I LOVE this pattern! How have I never knit this before? Thanks for getting me on the train!

  5. What a great friend!!