Thursday, September 17, 2009

The List

First, I have to thank you all for your comments on the Mommy Snug. I'm really quite pleased with how it turned out, and not just because it fits. I think I did a better job than normal on the finishing, which is my least favorite part of sweater knitting. I can't say I like sewing up a sweater any better now, but at least I know I can do a decent job of it when I need to.

Now, on to the list. For a while now, I've had a mental checklist of knitting projects I want to get done before Rainbow arrives, but I thought it would be good for me (and my pregnancy brain) to get it in writing. So let's review what's in the queue, shall we?

First on the list is the scarf for my brother, which has been my main evening knitting project this week and seems to be never ending.

It's just a tad longer than four and a half feet long at this point. I'd originally thought that I'd make it about seven feet long (long enough to suit my 6'2" brother), but it's taking so long -- not to mention that I seem to have misplaced a partial skein of the navy -- that I'm now thinking six feet, plus fringe, might be better. I know I can stretch it out a little more when I block it, and it's so thick and wide that I doubt my brother will wrap it more than once at most, so that should suffice.

Also on the needles is a project you haven't seen, and (surprise!) it's another one for Rainbow. This is the Baby Chalice Blanket (available here as a free Ravelry download) in Dream in Color Classy, colorway Happy Forest. It's not very big right now, but the lace knits up quickly and this will stretch a lot when it's blocked.

What else is on the list (but not cast on yet)?

I'd like to knit two Baby Surprise Jackets for Rainbow, one with the rainbow yarn I spun up during the Tour de Fleece, which is likely to knit up on the big side and so probably will be a sweater for next winter, and one with some Socks That Rock that I'm hoping will come out the right size to be part of her going-home-from-the-hospital outfit. I also want to knit her a Helena with the green Crystal Palace Merino 5 I picked up when I bought the yarn for my Mommy Snug.

For myself, I'd really like to make another Lady Eleanor Wrap with that haul of Noro I brought home way back in April, and I have plans to make myself a Koolhaas with the yarn that came in my last Intentions Yarn club shipment.

And, of course, in between all these bigger projects I'm probably going to be knitting some baby socks, some adult socks, and maybe some burp cloths or teddy bears.

So what do you think -- am I being too ambitious?


  1. It's probably not too ambitious for you since you're so fast. You can do it!

  2. You can totally do it!

    If you're going to knit burp cloths using the Mason Dixon pattern, I'd knit them bigger than the pattern. When I knit a couple for my friend Lisa, they came out the right size and I remember thinking that a really ambitious baby could overshoot one that size really easily.

  3. I meant to ask last night ... how many stitches are you doing that scarf over? It looks HUGE! Or at least extremely wide. I've always cut the fringe on those scarfs and then knit until I ran out of one of the colors.

    Lots of your listed projects are baby projects which means small, which means quick. You can do it, just prioritize so if you don't finish everything it won't be a big deal!

  4. Personally, I'd move the burp cloths up in your queue. The hand-knit ones are SO soft, SO pretty and SO useful. I grab those first and the store bought ones only when all of the hand-knit ones are dirty.

    And once you get in a good rythym, the larger BSJ would be good hospital knitting, so I would put that at the end of the list. :-) I knit/crocheted in the hospital both times.

  5. Totally doable. Baby stuff and toys knit up fast!

  6. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Errr, it's not about ambition for me. It's about being a cat to be able to knit all that over 9 lives. But you..... you'll probably get that done in a few weeks.

  7. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Ambitious? - yes
    Attainable? - for you, YES!

  8. I find that when I write out the list, its the only time I actually get things done! My mind refuses to veer from the list once its created. So love that baby blanket, just went a faved it on ravelry. And make the scarf as long as you can. Read somewhere it should be as long as you are tall...

  9. You can do it. Because you are a-fast and b-going to want to sit more as you get bigger. :) Your bump is just the perfect cute little size right now! But it'll grow... so get those house projects done now and lots of knitting later!

  10. Piece o' cake for a speed demon like you! Heh heh....I seriously love the blanket, I need to make one of those for a friend.