Sunday, November 10, 2013

Twisted Up

This week was the week to ply, apparently. I find myself with not one but two skeins of handspun finished this Sunday. The first is the first skein from my Spinzilla singles, undyed Romney spun long draw.

I plied until one of the three "storage bobbins" ran out, then broke the other two singles (I'll save all my leftovers and ply them together later). The skein is nice and poofy and looks to be in the DK/light worsted range. It's 183 yards, so I'm hoping I will have close to 600 when I ply up the rest of it. My intent is to use this yarn for a sweater for Rainbow. I showed her the first skein and told her so, and do you want to know what her response was? "Mommy, can we add some color to it?" I guess there's some dyeing in my future.

Because I needed some color after all that cream, I spent the last two evenings plying up my Bee Mice Elf Pool Party. The depth of color doesn't seem to want to be captured by my camera.

I may have put a tad too much plying twist in this (if you look carefully, you can see a couple of corkscrews), but I like it. It poofed up to about sportweight and 291 yards.

My spinning mojo has come back in full force, and after I ply some more Romney singles, I have my next spin all picked out -- this Gale's Art polwarth/silk that I picked up this year at MDSW.

The colorway is called Winter Is Coming, which seems appropriate for the time of year.

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