Thursday, June 05, 2014

Jump Around

One of the symptoms of my current bout of startitis seems to be an inability to focus on any one project for any sustained period of time. As a result, I've been jumping from one project to the next the past few days.

On Tuesday evening, I finished up the first clue of the TTL Mystery Shawl. I quite like how it turned out (and know it'll look even better when it gets blocked).

Last night was knit night, and as I couldn't decide what to work on, I took three projects with me. I started the evening by Kitchenering the toe of my first Knit Picks sock, which I'd finished knitting at lunch. Then I spent a bit working on Rainbow's shawl, which is easy but -- let's face it -- a little boring. At least I got past the point where I had frogged my original experiment.

For the last hour or so of the evening, I pulled out my Sople and did a handful of rows on the bottom of the body. I've just started the stitch pattern at the bottom of the sweater, so the end is in sight. Amazingly, I'm still using only the second skein of yarn, though it is starting to look noticeably smaller.

Tonight I'm headed to the Ravelry night at my LYS, and I'm going specifically to meet up with Jan of the Twinset Designs podcast, who's in town for a conference. I'm not sure what I want to knit on tonight, either, so I'll be taking the bag with all the projects once again. Supposedly variety is the spice of life and all that, but I'm hoping I can focus on one of these projects so that I can make some actual progress on it.

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