Sunday, June 01, 2014

Making Up for Lost Time

After barely touching anything spinning-related for most of the month of May, I spent a lot of time behind my wheel last week. First, I finished spinning up the very bright Gale's Art BFL singles and plied them into an almost shockingly bright skein of yarn.

The yardage was a little on the low side for socks (~316 yards), which is just fine because I think socks knit from this yarn would be way too loud for my taste. Although I'd split the fiber randomly into thirds, the colors aligned for much of this skein, making for very distinct bright orange and yellow sections. Luckily, I live with a 4-year-old who loves bright colors and has requested that I knit her a shawl of her own. Perfect!

I started out playing around with the design, but it wasn't coming out anything like I hoped, so I ripped back to the beginning and started with a basic top-down triangle. This is something I can knit without having to think, which is much needed after some very busy days.

Meanwhile, once that was off the wheel, I started in on the first braid from the May Fat Cat Knits Mixed Blessings club. As reminder, here's what the two braids looked like:

I started with Vintage, the braid on the inside of the swirl, starting with the chocolate brown end. After a couple of evenings, I'd gotten into the rusty red/orange section.

I'm spinning fine singles with the plan to chain ply when I'm done to preserve the color progression. This fiber is Polwarth, so I'm planning on it poofing up to a heavier fingering or perhaps even a sport weight after washing. That's always the fun part with Polwarth!


  1. Lovely! The colors of the fibers are beautiful. Looking forward to the next spinning update!

  2. the colors are truly amazing (and so is the spinning). :)