Sunday, August 23, 2015

Small Pleasures

Just a short post tonight, because I only just got Rainbow down for the night and I'm about ready to turn in myself -- but not before this post!

I've barely been at the wheel this week, but I made sure to sit down at it on Friday night for about an hour. I made just a wee bit of progress on my South African superfine/silk, but it was such a delight. The fiber is so dreamy to spin, even if it is taking me forever and a day to make any measurable progress.

I will say that it was a pleasant surprise to take a look at the bobbin on Saturday morning, because the room was dim enough the evening before that I really couldn't tell where the dark green changed over to blue. I'll be working on this some more tonight, but don't expect to see a finished skein anytime soon. I know it'll take a while to get this yarn done, but I'm trying to enjoy the pleasure of spinning it instead of getting impatient for it to be done.

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