Thursday, December 28, 2017

Adjusting Expectations

Before this vacation, when I was planning what knitting to bring, I really thought I'd be super productive and burn through all the yarn I'd brought. It turns out that I'm easily distracted, primarily by this:

It doesn't look like much, but that's the start of a 2,000-piece jigsaw puzzle that we started a few days ago. I'll sit down at it, thinking I'll work on it for a few minutes, and an hour later I'm still at it. It's fun, but it's not something I can do while knitting, obviously.

Today we spent a good part of the day in the car, driving to and from the east coast of Florida to visit relatives. That meant more than four hours in the car -- prime knitting time. I took my socks and managed to finish the first one and get a good start on the leg of the second.

Sorry for the dimly lit photo; we went directly out to dinner when we got back to this side of the state, so of course it was completely dark when we got home. In any case, these are moving right along, and fingers are crossed I'll be able to complete them by the end of the weekend.

Meanwhile, the baby sweater has a little more on it since you saw it last. I have just a handful of rounds left in the green on the body before I start the ribbing at the bottom, and my goal is to try to finish that this evening.

Once again, the color is totally off

I think the sleeves on this will fly off the needles once I get the body done, so I'm not too concerned about finishing this in time to qualify for the Gift-a-long, but it would be great to get both projects done -- not to mention that I have yarn for other projects that I could be knitting next weekend!

One other distraction has been reading. I typically get a lot of reading for pleasure done during this vacation, in part because when I read in bed before going to sleep (my normal reading time), I can actually stay up a lot later than I can normally. I was about halfway through The Glass Castle when we arrived and I finished it pretty soon thereafter. It was a good read in terms of the writing quality, but it was also a heartbreaking read. Now I'm on to The Lake House, which my mother was finishing up as I was finishing up my book (one of the great benefits of vacationing with my parents is that I have a free source of good books!). I am thoroughly enjoying it, even though I'm not very far into it just yet. If only I could read it and knit at the same time!

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