Sunday, December 24, 2017

Almost But Not Quite

It feels a bit weird to be posting a spinning post while I'm on vacation thousands of miles away from all my spinning stuff, but it is Sunday (right? I'm having a hard time keeping track), and on Sundays, we talk spinning on this blog.

I did manage to finish up my giant skein of Fibernymph Dye Works fiber minis before we left, though I'm not entirely pleased with it. Here's what it looked like fresh off the wheel:

I could tell right away that it was likely underplied for my taste, but without much time left before we left, there was little I could do. So I plopped it into the tub for its soak, let it drip dry for a couple of hours, and then left it on the radiator overnight. Here's what it looked like the morning we left (please excuse the poor photo -- we were up and off to the airport before the sun rose):

While it poofed up nicely in the wash, there's just not enough plying twist for my taste, so when we get back, I'll be running it back through the wheel to add a bit more. That said, I am pleased with the combination of all the minis and I'm looking forward to knitting up this crazy skein! 

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