Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I'm Almost Out of Time

It was a busy weekend here, busier than I expected, so I am not as far along on my shawl as I had hoped to be -- and that means I'll be knitting on it every moment I can until it's done or we leave for our trip, whichever comes first. Technically, I could always take it on the trip with me, but as close as I am to finishing, I'd rather not take the extra weight only to finish it the first day I'm away. The good news is that I have made it to the border and the final chart, and just 20 rows and a bind off lie between me and a finished project. I will be working on it the next two evenings and also as much as I need to during the day on Thursday; it's the last day of work at my office, but Rainbow has a half day for her last day of school, so I'm taking the day off. The complication is that I also want to finish plying up the handspun skein that's currently in progress and have time for it to be washed and dried so I can snap a picture before we leave.

The other WIP on my needles is my Felici socks, and I feel pretty confident that those will get done. I'm on the foot of the second sock, so that means I don't need to pay much attention and can knit mindlessly on them whenever I want, including in the dark while I'm waiting for Rainbow to fall asleep.

I'm still debating exactly how much yarn to take with me on vacation. I know there are a couple of projects that need to get done (a baby gift is at the top of the list) and I can likely knock out a pair of socks or two, but there's always that fear that I'll run out of projects before I run out of vacation. There's always reading to do, but I despise sitting with nothing to do with my hands, so it may be a case where I toss in an extra skein of sock yarn at the last minute. I suppose that if worse comes to worst, I can find a Michaels and pick up some kitchen cotton to knit some dishcloths! But I'll make a final decision and show you what I'm taking the next time I post.

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  1. I hope you get close on your shawl! AND, sock yarn barely takes any room so you could take an extra skein or two for safety!