Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Feeling Equinox-y

It is officially fall, though the past several mornings it's felt more like winter. Aside from the fact that the house is colder than I'd like, I'm really enjoying this cooler weather and the chance it affords me to break out my woolens! It's also kicked my sock mojo into high gear. I finished up my mother-in-law's socks last week, though they haven't been blocked yet (so please excuse their wonkiness):

I'm pretty chuffed with how well I managed to match up the stripes -- the only place where they're a little off is at the tip of the toe, where one sock has a little more gray (like maybe one more round) than the other. I'm not too concerned about that, because I highly doubt the recipient will notice and certainly it'll be hidden in her shoes anyway.

The next sock recipient is my sister-in-law, whose feet I finally measured about a month ago. It turns out that she has large feet -- 9.25 inches around and 9.5 inches long -- so sportweight ankle socks are the way to go! You saw the start of the first sock last Thursday, but I've since finished it and cast on for the second (which now has part of the heel flap done):

This yarn was a OOAK colorway, and I honestly didn't expect it to do this palindrome-style striping, so that was a fun surprise. I did not worry about making these match because the striping sequence is too long and the yardage too short, plus I think these fun colors make mismatched socks even more fun. These have been perfect to work on during work meetings, and I fully expect them to be a finish pair by the end of the week.

Just a short post from me today, but I'll be back tomorrow because there has been reading, and a lot of it. Happy equinox!


  1. All these fast sock knitters I keep reading about! Maybe I need to go for a simpler pattern as mine are always so slow.

  2. Happy Equinox to you! I like both stripey socks, but the bright-striped ankle socks are just awesome!

  3. Both pairs of socks are awesome, and only your eagle eye could spot the extra round of gray! (And a Happy Equinox to you, Sarah!)

  4. Happy Equinox! and woohoo for the sock mojo ... and those matching stripes!

  5. Yay for woolens weather! And I love that you worked in the word chuffed.

    The socks for your MIL look perfect to me. And those ankle socks are super cute - I love the bright colors!

    Happy Equinox to you :)

  6. Oh my gosh, I love both of these pairs of socks!! (A sucker for stripes over here.)

  7. What fun socks! (Both pairs.) I love self-striping yarn for socks -- such happy knitting (it always seems to go faster, somehow) and such a joyful finished product!