Sunday, November 29, 2020

Inspiration without Motivation

When I planned to take this past week off from work, I had visions of getting tons of knitting and spinning done. The reality is that I spent so much time in the kitchen, either cooking or cleaning up after cooking, that I got hardly any of either done! So I do not have a finished skein or something even remotely close to one to share today, but I am really enjoying the spin I have in progress.

This is organic merino from Southern Cross Fibre in a colorway called Triumph. It was a club shipment from August 2015. I loved these colors so much that I didn't want to risk muddying them, so once again I'm spinning from one end to the other and will be chain plying*.

This particular stretch of singles is pretty unexciting and dark, but I think it'll be lovely when it's all plied.

*In our Zoom session this morning, we had a brief discussion about chain plying versus Navajo plying. They are the same thing -- creating what's essentially a long crochet chain and adding twist -- but I have learned in recent years that the term "Navajo plying" is really a misnomer because it's not something that Navajo spinners actually do or originated. So I prefer to use the term "chain plying" instead.


  1. I love the dark singles that you shared - such a deep and pretty color!

    I'm sorry that the week didn't pan out the way you'd hoped. Housework and cooking is exhausting! I hope that a little rest is all you need.

  2. I always "forget" how much time and energy Thanksgiving prep (and clean-up and the aftermath) actually require! I'm glad you found some time for spinning - that yarn will be so lovely.

  3. There's no way around it; Thanksgiving prep is time and labor intensive! I usually do mine over several days which saves some time and oven space on the day, but necessitates cleaning up multiple times, and all of this is in addition to the regular meals that my family seems to want. I hope you got to enjoy leftovers and have time for some beautiful spinning.

  4. I love that pile of beautiful fiber!! Gorgeous!! I found myself with a similarly intense bit of fiber (unknown fiber and dyer) I was kind of at a loss as to what to do with it. And last week, your voice filled my head... spin it end to end and chain ply! So, I am going to try! Chain plying is not something that is easy for me to do, but I am going to try!

    I think that Thanksgiving Making is some of the best making ever! I am glad you filled your week with it! :)

  5. When I was on Day 3 in the kitchen, I thought, somewhat amused, how prepping a 'micro' Thanksgiving is really not much different than a 'regular' Thanksgiving! In fact, it might feel like MORE cooking, because we weren't sharing the menu with anyone else. I hope you have a nice return to rhythm this week.

    1. So true! Even for just our family, I had to do more cooking than usual because I had to make everything. Usually when it's the whole family getting together, I only make a couple of the dishes!

  6. I shared cooking with Katie and STILL felt like I spent two days in the kitchen plus all the time to prep and shop. I hope you dined on leftovers for days!