Monday, December 13, 2021

Done and Almost Done

Monday mornings are always hard, but I'll admit this one was a bit easier because I realized when I woke up that this is the last Monday of work for me this year! I have just three more days of work, and that includes Wednesday, which is the day we're having our office holiday party (via Zoom), so that's kind of a partial work day. I was anticipating that it was going to be a crazy final few days of work, and it still might be busy, but at least one project I was expecting to hit isn't going to, so I'm feeling less stressed.

Another reason to feel less stressed is that all of my holiday knitting is done! I finished up my nephew's blanket on Friday night and blocked it on Saturday.

Pattern: Baby Chalice Blanket (Ravelry link) by Karen S. Lauger
Yarn: Squoosh Fiber Arts Ultra Worsted in Fresh Cut, approximately 1.75 skeins
Needles: US 6 (4.0 mm)
Started/Completed: December 3/December 10
Mods: used a smaller needle and made it smaller than specified

I'm actually surprised, pleasantly so, that I knit this as quickly as I did. The lace pattern itself isn't very difficult, and while I didn't exactly memorize it, it's intuitive enough that I only needed to check in on the chart at the beginning of each right-side row once I'd done the initial repeat. I didn't know exactly what size to make the replacement blanket because while the approximate dimensions were in my Ravelry project page, I didn't note how many repeats that translated to, but I was at least able to count the number of lace repeats on my photos of it to estimate how many to cast on (83, for the record). I then enlisted Rainbow's help in determining when it seemed long enough, and we decided that nine vertical repeats is enough. I did go down in needle size as well, so I know this version is smaller. The pattern calls for an Aran-weight yarn and size 10/6 mm needles, and on the first version, I used worsted-weight yarn and size 8/5 mm needles. I had noted on my project page that the fabric was rather loose, so I went down another full millimeter this time around and am much more satisfied with the density of the fabric. I did stretch it enough in blocking to open up the lace and give the fabric some drape, but it didn't feel floppy or loose.

Last night we had the immediate family (our parents and siblings) over to celebrate Rainbow's birthday, and we took advantage of the get-together to give some gifts of our own, including the blanket. My sister-in-law said that she though the replacement blanket looked just like the original, and my nephew gave it his seal of approval as well:

I know he looks grumpy here, but that's just because he was tired (if you look closely, you'll see he's in his pajamas already -- it was past his bedtime). The fact that the blanket is in his mouth is a good thing; that is apparently part of the reason the first Green Blankie fell apart. The fact that this went right in his mouth means there was no suspicion that this was not his beloved blanket, and that's a win in my book!

Now that the gift knitting is officially done, I am focusing on spinning again this week. I have about half a bobbin of singles to finish up for my combo spin (the one I've been ignoring for the past month or so), and I'd like to do that at a minimum before we leave for our trip. It would be great to get all the plying done as well, but that might be pushing things, and certainly a lot depends on how much work comes in over the next few days. I have one small knitting project in progress that I'll likely be able to finish up in the next couple of days, and I have vacation knitting to plan!


  1. I'm glad you could finish the blanket so quickly and it was deemed perfect by your nephew! Both of my boys had blankets so I know how important they are. I don't think he looks grumpy, just like a boy who wants to go home to sleep with his blanket!

  2. That blanket looks like it will be well loved!

    I should have started my Base-12 spin yesterday, but a couple of zooms and then meal making... and whoosh the day was over before I could get started!

  3. Yay for blanket chewing! How nice to have an identical replacement :) Nice work, Auntie.

    Enjoy your LAST working Monday of the year :) And all of the spinning coming your way!

  4. I love that picture of your nephew with this "new" blanket, it reminds me of the nights Jackie is over and he always gets in his pjs before he goes home. Enjoy your list few days of work for the year! (I have 6 total, counting today, and then I am done until 2022!)

  5. I love that picture of your nephew with the blanket in his mouth! That is LOVE!!! And, happy birthday to Rainbow! What day is her birthday? Curious since Colin's is the 11th (along with my niece, my brother's partner, my BFF's daughter (I'm her "2nd mother") and Fletcher's grandfather - a popular date!!).

  6. oh the blanket turned out beautifully and clearly it's a huge hit with your nephew! I love thinking of you and Rainbow counting down the days and having Friday off together to start your vacation early. (and hoping no ill effects from her 2nd dose to dampen your holiday spirits!)

  7. That blankie--a huge success! You can tell by the way he's holding it to him--and, of course, that it's in his mouth :) So sweet. And if you ask me, a party in your jammies is the best kind of party! Happy last day-and-a-half of your work year.

  8. A new blankie for a win. Your nephew looks like he is hanging onto it for dear life. Hugging a blanket when tired means it was a success. I hope this week goes according to plan. I bet you are really looking forward to a break and to this trip. Enjoy!

  9. I recognize that seal of approval! Happy almost winter break.

  10. Perfect seal of approval!!! Nicely done, Sarah. I'm so happy that you can have such a long and relaxing holiday break. XO

  11. I would say you definitely got the seal of approval from your nephew and what a wonderful blanket, love the color and pattern!

    1. Thanks! I felt like it was an easy project because I'd already made the decision about pattern and color years ago and just had to recreate it.