Friday, August 04, 2023

Loose Ends

Last week I kept thinking it was a day ahead. This week, I've been feeling a day behind. But I'm sure today is Friday, and thank goodness for that! I don't feel like I've gotten a lot done this week, though I've been reading a lot and getting outside a fair amount -- though neither activity results in anything I can show you! I have been pretty focused on spinning this week, though, and today I have some finished singles!

I don't think I ever took a photo of the fiber before I started spinning, so here's one I stole from David:

I wanted to mix up the colors as much as possible, so I split the length of fiber in thirds and then split each third into four strips. I'm hoping that I can get everything plied today, so the next time you see this, it'll be in yarn form!

I'm also nearing the toe of the second of my mother's socks, so that pair should be finished soon, too.

Finally, Carole commented last Friday that if I was going to share a photo of the room where we had our wedding reception today, I really needed to also share a photo as it looked then. As a reminder, here's what it looked like last week:

And here's what it looked like the day of our wedding (apologies for the photo -- the best I could do was take a photo of our photo album):

That's all she wrote for today. Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh my! The way it was is just magical Sarah! What a beautiful place to have your reception! (and YAY Carole for asking to see it!)

    Happy Friday!

  2. What a gorgeous reception setting! Hope you have a lovely weekend, Sarah!

  3. What a beautiful venue for your wedding, I love those tall centerpieces! Thanks for indulging me. Have fun plying those singles!

  4. The banquet room looked gorgeous for your wedding.

  5. Carolyn Thomas10:17 AM

    What a gorgeous venue you had! And I just love that you get to return to it. :)

  6. That venue does look very beautiful in your wedding photo. I love the flowers. The fiber and spinning is a gorgeous subdued blend of colors. I look forward to seeing the yarn.