Friday, August 11, 2023

Sunshine and Rain

Happy Friday, friends. It's been quite an exhausting week, full of ups and downs. We've quite literally had sunshine and rain, and it's been a mix of the good and the bad. The bad has been how busy I've been this week, but that is coming to an end. My in-laws are also down with COVID right now, which is a bit scary because they're both high risk (my father-in-law is a cancer survivor and my mother-in-law has asthma and other health issues). It sounds like they're both pretty miserable but not too seriously ill, and any good thoughts you can send their way would be appreciated.

Since the world turned upside-down three years ago, I've been trying really hard to focus on the good to combat my innate pessimism, so today's post is going to focus on happier things. For one thing, yesterday's long day (a full day of work followed by two synagogue-related Zooms) let to a completed baby sweater:

This is the Flax Light sweater from Tin Can Knits, knit in the smallest size (0-6 months). I omitted the garter stitch detail on the sleeves, mainly because I thought it would be much faster to just do them in stockinette. I did try to make the sleeves match as much as possible, which involved winding off yarn to get to the same point in the stripe sequence (and, before that, rewinding my second skein of Felici because it was reversed in the order of the colors compared to the first). I did a tubular cast-on for the collar but regular bind-offs for the body and sleeves. I've already woven in the ends but not yet blocked it, and if you embiggen the photo, you'll see there's a little white spot right on the chest where the dye didn't cover a small section of yarn that I may duplicate-stitch over. Funny story about this: Our rabbi (who is also a knitter) was on one of the Zooms last night and messaged me to ask if this sweater was for another member of the board, because if it was, she wanted to make sure I knew the recipient is being induced on the 20th and won't be at our next meeting. So now I know I will have to mail this rather than delivering it in person!

In other good news, earlier in the week I found that our Butternut squash vines have produced a baby!

I purposefully planted them next to the fence that divides our driveway from our next-door neighbors' so that I can use the fence as a support, and in fact I've lifted up this section and draped it over the fence to keep the squash away from our insatiable bunnies. A bonus of this arrangement is that I can now see the squash from my bedroom window!

My final bit of good news comes after some drama last weekend. You may remember that when I was at Parnassus Books last month, I preordered Tom Lake so that I could get a personalized signed copy. Based on what I was seeing on Instagram, everyone else seemed to be getting their copies, so I had a feeling mine would be showing up soon. Last Friday, I finally got an email from the USPS saying that it was out for delivery. While we were at my parents' for dinner, I got notification that it was delivered -- but when I got home, nothing was there. I took another look at the email, and it turns out that it wasn't delivered at my house but rather (according to the tracking) to a PO box. Except that I don't have a PO box. I spent more than an hour at two different post offices on Saturday morning trying to figure out where it was, and no one was able to tell me anything other than that it was probably incorrectly scanned. I was given a supervisor's number to call on Monday if it hadn't showed up, and I was convinced that it had gotten lost in the system somewhere. Then, on Saturday night, a minor miracle happened:

Tonight some cousins are coming to visit and are staying overnight with us on their way back to Chicago from vacationing in Virginia. We'll have a full house, so that means cleaning is on the agenda for later this afternoon!

I hope you all have more sunshine than rain to end this week!


  1. I do hope you have a relaxing weekend ahead after this busy week and company! That baby sweater is so cute, and it's good you found out that you need to mail it. I am glad that you were the recipient of a USPS miracle. I see my neighbors several times each week when we trade misdelivered mail, but that's usually just junk or bills, not a personalized, signed copy of Tom Lake!

  2. I think there's been a lot of "sunshine and rain" going on these days, Sarah. (I blame last week's full moon. . . ) I think you're wise to focus on the good things -- adorable baby sweaters, home-grown squash, and happy mail deliveries! Sending all the quick-recovery juju to your in-laws, too. XO

  3. Glad your book showed up. I bought a copy when I was up in Tewksbury last weekend. But ..........I'm saving it for the first crisp fall day when I can read outside.

    The Flax Light is adorable, but amazing that you can even see the little white spot in the photo. A dup. stitch will fix that right up.

    Best wishes to your co-worker.

  4. I ordered yarn to make another Flax sweater for Ellis who rudely outgrew both of the sweaters I knit last winter! Love your stripes

  5. That baby sweater is perfect! I'm so excited for your squash babies, and so glad you can put them up out of reach of the bunnies!

  6. Hooray for a safely delivered book, an adorable baby sweater, and a growing squash! I'm sorry your in-law are sick and I wish them a full and speedy recovery.

  7. Your baby jumper is so cute, I love the colours!
    Sadly we are having more rain than sun, its so annoying!
    Enjoy your weekend with guests :)

  8. Sending all the healing wishes for your in-laws...hope they are on the mend. Your baby sweater turned out perfectly and I LOVE butternut squash...wish we were growing some. Glad your book arrived safely - I just started reading that last night.

  9. I am joining everyone with more healing juju for your in-laws. I hope that by today they are feeling a bit better!

    I am so glad your book arrived safely (book miracles are the best!) I am listening to Tom Lake right now and I am wanting to slow down and savor it!

  10. I hope your in-laws are getting through without too much trouble. Scary, with pre-existing condition/high-risk, especially. They're the 4th couple I've heard of recently with COVID. (Everyone I know who's had it recently is in their 60s or 70s. Hm...)
    And, oh, your Parnassus stories! Yikes! So glad they've both had good resolutions! (And lucky you. I'm on the Tom Lake wait list. But I think I'm pretty close to the beginning....)

  11. I'm glad your book appeared. Sometimes it takes a minor miracle for the USPS to deliver. I hope your in-laws are feeling better by now. The little sweater is darling.