Thursday, March 01, 2007

And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming ...

Now that the flurry of sock knitting that was February has passed and the sock-knitting demon that possessed me seems to have let me be myself again, it's time to return to the other WIPs that have been patiently waiting for my attention. Foremost among these is J's Cambridge Jacket, since spring is coming quickly and if I don't finish soon, he'll have to wait until next fall to show it off.

When last we saw this sweater, the back and two fronts had been completed and the first sleeve had been started:

I am into the second section of increases (every fourth row, or every other RS row), which means I won't have to pay such close attention to counting rows from here on out. This should make for some good knitting while I watch my latest Netflix movie this evening.

I did indeed cast on for a new sock after posting last night, a plain stockinette one out of some self-patterning yarn. It's a basic superwash/nylon blend, but after the Austermann Step it feels incredibly scratchy and rough. Thus begins the return of the fingertip callouses ...

I got all excited this evening when I got home and saw a big box sitting on the front stoop. I thought I was going to have two days in a row of knitting packages, as my Knit Picks box finally came yesterday (after sitting in Leetsdale since noon on Saturday); I was convinced this would be my first shipment from the Rockin' Sock Club, which was due to be sent out this past Monday. Unfortunately, there was no sock yarn in this box, only an engagement gift from some family friends (very nice in its own right, but not as soft as Socks That Rock). Sigh. Perhaps tomorrow.

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  1. Cheryl :)11:14 AM

    I have been anxiously anticipating my Rockin'Sock Club delivery too. It's driving me nuts! come on it's been 5 days since they were mailed, they certainly should be here by now!!!!