Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend Forecast: Cloudy with a Chance of Wool

We are back from a super-speedy trip to Cleveland (we left at about 11:30 on Saturday morning and were back by 2 on Sunday) for J's cousin's Bat Mitzvah. It was a fun, somewhat crazy weekend, including such good times as me trying to walk in about an inch of slushy snow in heels.

The plus side of all the driving -- which, I should add, was done by J -- is that I had between four and five solid hours of knitting time. I decided to forgo the remaining WIPs in favor of starting a new project that has long been in the queue. On Friday night, I finally cast on for Forecast. I completed all of the yoke during the trip and divided for the sleeves last night. Here is the progress thus far:

As you can see, I've already modified the cable pattern. I decided that bobbles just weren't for me (too nipply for my taste) and I thought the cable would look empty without them, so I substituted a braid cable instead and am very please with how it's working.

My one concern right now is that it looks rather small. I've remeasured and I am getting stitch gauge, so I'm hoping it will open up with blocking and the stretchiness of the fabric in general. I also keep reminding myself that the button bands are yet to be knitted on, which will give me another inch or so in width.

I'm going to knit away on this tonight while watching my latest Netflix DVD. There's still snow in the forecast for at least the next day, so I may even be able to wear this baby once this year if I can finish it quickly enough.


  1. Nice, very nice.

    The only thing nicer than someone else driving is taking the train, stretching out in comfort with the ability to get up, walk around and your partner with knitting needles without risking your life.


  2. I want a movie review! That's totally on my Netflix list too :)