Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bad Blogger, Bad!

Hi there. Yes, I know I've been bad about blogging lately. We've been busy, and I haven't been doing much knitting. But, later today, I promise you a real post. We're headed to Stitch 'n Pitch with Jenn and The MWP this afternoon and I am also close to finishing my Embossed Leaves socks. Plus I've cast on for a new project. Full reports by tonight, I promise!

In the meantime, you must go an watch this video.


  1. Having two miniature short haired dachshunds myself - thank you so much for that great video!! There's nothing like a dachshund. One of a kind. Hope you have fun with Jenn at SnP!

  2. Hey -
    we all have to leave the pixels every once in a while and join the rest of life!