Saturday, July 14, 2007

Here I Am!

After my last post and all the excitement over DJ, things got a little crazy. However, there has been a little knitting (progress is easy to make on small knits!):

I finished the right front -- the front with the lace section -- of the Pea Pod Cardigan and have picked up the stitches for the back. You'll notice I didn't bind off the shoulder stitches at the top; I've decided that, with such a little sweater, I don't want to add any unnecessary bulk with seams, so I'm going to graft the shoulder stitches.

For the most part, I'm really enjoying this yarn (Knit Picks Shine Sport). It has a lovely sheen and knits up to a fabric with great drape. My one complaint is that it sheds. Frequently a ring of fuzz forms around the working yarn that I have to rip off, and I've noticed that when I get up after a knitting session, I've got fuzz all down the front of me. I'm sure this will go away after blocking and washing, but for now I'm glad I've only been working on this at home in my pyjamas.

Also, mostly through knitting during my lunch hour at work, I finished my first Garter Rib sock:

This is knit in TOFUtsies, which I just lurve knitting with. It's a little splitty sometimes, but it feels wonderful to knit and feels spectacular when worn. I will definitely be buying more of this yarn in the future, as it's a great summer alternative to the other cotton/wool blends I've tried -- this is much easier on my hands. The yardage is also amazing. With one sock done that's a normal size (7" leg and 9.5" length foot), it looks like I've barely made a dent in the skein. I have no doubt that there will be plenty left over after the second sock is complete to make at least a pair of baby socks. (Although I'm wondering if that's a good idea -- does anyone know if wearing a fiber made from shellfish can trigger allergies? I don't want to make a baby sick, especially if it's my too-cute baby cousin.)

Oh, and guess what?

My Koigu came. Now I can finally finish up the bad sock and knit its mate.


  1. 1. The Koigu looks great! :)

    2. Nice work on the sweater!

    3. If you find out about the shellfish allergy re: the fiber, let me know. I'm allergic to all things that used to swin, but never thought of that ... was planning a Tofutsies purchase in my head before I read that line!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I don't know about allergies to Tofutsies, I thought I had seen a post on Craftster about it a long time ago, but I don't know if anyone ever came up with a definitive answer.

    That's weird about the shedding Shine, I'm using it for Josephine and it hasn't shed at all.

  3. The Tofutsies sock looks fantastic! That looks like a great pattern for that yarn.

    Last night (I'll fully admit to cast-on-itis) I cast on a sock using Panda Cotton. It's heavier than Tofutsies, but no wool. I think it'll make a nice summer sock too. I'll reveal a bit on my blog later. I need to knit into it a bit.

    Pea Pod looks cute too! I got a ball of that yarn to see & feel it and I wasn't sure what I thought. It's different. I'd love to hear how it wears once baby A gets his sweater!

  4. DJ is awesome! It's good to hear you like the Tofutsies -- I've got some in my stash. The pea pod sweater is looking good, and I'm so glad you were able to get more of the right color Koigu.

  5. dj is totally cute! as is the pea pod -- just love that name.

    i only made it in pittsburgh once this week, when i visited my brother. (well, also when i flew in!) one of these days i'll have to crash your knitting group.