Sunday, July 15, 2007

We're Blocking, We're Blocking*

All the pieces of the Pea Pod Cardigan are done! I finished the body last night and promptly blocked it:

I'd been a tad bit off in my gauge when I blocked my swatch (I had an extra 1.5 stitches and 1.5 rows over 4 inches), so I blocked this baby pretty strongly to match the measurements in the pattern schematic. I just love how the lace opened up and smoothed out as a nice by-product of my pulling and stretching:

Tonight, once I pin the sleeves into shape, I'm going to graft the shoulder seams and pick up stitches for the collar. I should have this sweater finished up in the next couple of days -- and then it's all about the buttons.

*Ever since my mother mentioned to me the other day that she'd been watching Dave on TV, that Bonnie Hunt line has been going through my head, so you'll have to excuse the pun.


  1. The sweater is looking very nice - I love the little cables at the bottom!

  2. Oh geez, we just watched Dave the other night! Oh! There's the Chief of Staff! What an honor for you! And we're walking ...

  3. omg. she is one of my all-time favorites. she makes me laugh so hard--that transcript page is hilarious! i can totally picture her the whole time. she's awesome. when is she going to get another prime-time show, anyway??