Monday, July 23, 2007


I hate to say this, but I was almost happy to go back to work this morning, if only for the fact that the schedule would get back to normal. We had a good weekend, but we were barely home. Saturday we were up bright and early for the Sears repair man to fix our dishwasher. He was supposed to come between 8 and 12; he called at 7:59 to say he was outside, and the dishwasher was fixed and he was out the door by 8:20. We went to get breakfast, and then I went to pick up the new Harry Potter book (no, I haven't started it yet, I'm still rereading the last one!) before heading off to do wedding stuff with my mother for most of the day.

Saturday night some good family friends threw us a couples shower, and we had a great time with some of our friends and some family friends. We were truly "showered" with some really generous gifts. Want to see my newest toy?

Everyone would have assumed it was for the kitchen, until J blurted it out to the whole room that I'd be using it for weighing my yarn. I guess the cat's out of the bag! (By the way, I did measure the leftover TOFUtsies -- 33 grams!)

Yesterday was a little less chaotic. We drove out near the old airport to meet my aunt and uncle for brunch (they were in town this weekend for a Fiestaware convention), and then the boys played golf while my mother and I lay by the pool. I was attempting to get rid of the unsightly remnants of my Stitch 'n Pitch sunburn but instead wound up with a new burn all over my chest and stomach. Here's hoping it all blends together!

As I mentioned, I've been rereading the sixth Harry Potter before reading the final book -- especially since the first time I read it was right after I had my wisdom teeth out, so needless to say I do not remember much! I've been managing to knit a little while I read, and as a result I'm now into the straight stockinette body of my French Market Bag:

This is pretty mindless knitting, so for the most part I can pay attention to the book, but this yarn has prevented me from going as quickly as I'd like. Because the yarn is only a single ply, I find myself frequently knitting into a strand of it rather than through the loop. Fortunately felting hides all manner of mistakes, so I'm not worrying about it too much.

When I need to pay attention to what I'm doing, I've been working on my Solstice Slip socks. I just finished the heel of the first one:

I really like the garter stitch short-row heel (although I can't seem to get a good picture of it while the sock is on my own foot). These are knitting up really quickly in spite of the fact that I had to tink back about 10 rows because I wasn't paying attention and had skipped a row of the pattern two or three times. Now that I know what I'm doing, the rest of the sock will be smooth sailing.

Well I'm beat. I'm off to watch a little TV, read a little Harry Potter, and curl up with J when he gets home. Happy knitting! (And please -- no HP7 spoilers!)


  1. I have the exact same scale! Quite handy for baking and weighing yarn ;)

  2. I'm halfway through, I've even put knitting aside!

  3. The knitting looks great! I'm jealous of your scale! Fantastic shower score! :) Oh if only I knit 5 years ago... lol!

  4. I have a very similar scale, and it gets used equally in the kitchen and for yarn. Bought it before I was a "serious" knitter, so food was the original intent. :)

    I am also re-reading the entire HP series before I pick up Deathly Hallows. I finished HP5 yesterday and have been knitting and quilting all day today, so no HP6. I'll get to it. Believe me!

  5. Isn't the scale great for weighing yarn? I use our cooking one way more than Rob does! And I just got my copy of HP7 today, finished reading 6 yesterday. Maybe we can chat about 7 after you're done!

  6. Scales are great (I got one a few months ago to help me with socks). The bag looks great (and so does your sock)!

    I was planning to reread all the HP books before 7, but I didn't start early enough and only got part way through book 4... so I read book 7 this weekend, and will go back and finish reading the 4-6 before reading 7 again!

    Have fun!

  7. lovely lovely yarns all around! don't know which one is prettier.
    and fiestaware convention? i need to get in on that.

  8. Totally jealous, I have wanted that scale for a while--nice score!!

  9. Yay for scales. We have one and it still hasn't been used for kitchen items. However, we do store it in the kitchen. Keeping up appearances, you know.