Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mail Call!

Today was a good day for mail. First, our ketubah (marriage contract) was delivered to me at work, and were it not for the fact that it's wrapped in plastic in a tube and very hard to get back in said tube, I'd show you a picture. Suffice it to say I'm very pleased and it will look lovely hanging up somewhere in the house after the wedding.

A Knit Picks package was waiting for me at home. I decided to take advantage of the big book sale and enhance my Elizabeth Zimmermann collection:

There was also a little bit of yarn, but it's all for knitting for others. First, five skeins of Shine Sport (in the very gender-neutral colorway Green Apple) to make another Pea Pod cardigan for a baby due in January -- gender unknown, of course. I also ordered two skeins of Essential sock yarn in a colorway called Dusk, the heathered blue my future FIL likes so much, to make him a pair of socks for Christmas. How do you like my long-term planning?

Tonight I am going to take the plunge and cast on for my Flower Basket Shawl for the wedding (if it gets done). I figure in order to have it done to wear at the wedding, the knitting will probably need to be finished by Thursday the 30th and it will be need be blocked on that night or the morning of Friday the 31st. That gives me a month to knit. To further complicate matters, I am using a single strand of a very thin laceweight soysilk yarn, rather than the doubled laceweight called for by the pattern, so to compensate I am going to go down to a size 3 needle. This might mean more knitting for me, but I firmly believe that if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.

My lace and I will be at Barnes & Noble at the Waterworks tomorrow evening for the first-ever first-Wednesday meeting of the Hurricane Knitters. Hope to see you there!


  1. I just ordered some of the Dusk colorway, too! It feels so much softer than the last batch of Essential that I had. Did they send you a color card? They sent me a color card for free and I couldn't figure out why, but a few days later, I saw that they had added more colors, so the color card was outdated.

  2. so much to comment on! i have faith that you can finish the flower basket. it's a great wedding shawl. and i love the garter. we rented bobby and didn't really like it. just so maudlin and over the top.

  3. Anonymous8:25 AM

    You can do it! I have faith in you. But you must.not.knit.socks. in order to have time to finish the shawl! You'll be like Franklin, knitting his niece's christening shawl on the bus and then suffer an oatmeal explosion.

  4. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Tomorrow is August 2nd and I am mailing your Sockapalooza socks. I cannot wait for you to get them!

    Your Pal

  5. Oh my gosh, it's like we're knitting soul sisters! I just started - like as in swatched just tonight - for the Pea Pod set using, guess what? Knit Picks Shine Sport! But mine's in Grass. It's gonna be so cute. Hey - I had to go up to size US 7 to get gauge. What size are you using?

    I wish I could join you at the B&N....*sad face*. I actually want to go to the meeting where you see 40 guy. Oh well. Good luck finishing your Flower Shawl. You can do it!

  6. Great books! ( I know they're great, even though I don't have them yet : ) ) I know the Flower Basket Shawl will be lovely!

  7. Not just a *good* mail day, that was a *great* mail day. Anytime you get knitting related items in the mail it's a great day!

    Good luck with the shawl. I wish you all the best in getting it completed in time, but even the Yarn Harlot didn't get hers completed in time for her wedding, so don't stress too much about it.