Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Funky Monkeys

Another piece of evidence for the argument that no-purl Monkeys practically knit themselves:

Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A. (winter '06 Knitty)
Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug (100% superwash merino), colorway 85/Jay, one skein (267 m/100 g)
Needles: two 12" US 1 (2.5 mm) Addi Turbo circs
Started/Completed: January 10/January 17
Mods: did three pattern repeats on the leg due to limited yarn yardage; no purls!

It's a shame that this yarn is so pricey and so skimpy on the yardage, because it was a delight to knit with (especially after the last sock yarn). I'm no expert on base yarns, but this seems extremely similar, if not identical, to the base yarn used by Socks That Rock -- on the thicker side for a fingering weight, and with a nice tight twist.

I have no idea why one sock pooled and one spiraled, although I have a suspicion it might have something to do with the two knots I found in the skein in the middle of the second sock. Fortunately it looks like I at least got the same dyelot at the knots; there have been some horror stories on Ravelry about other knitters not only dealing with large quantities of knots but yarn sections that were tied together that were from completely different dyelots.

Whatever the cause of the strange color behavior in my socks, I do like the effect I got with it in the slip-stitch pattern of the heel flaps:

Pretty, no? I quite like these socks. I only wish they were a bit taller, but it turns out that I estimated my yarn usage rather well and ended up only with a small ball of yarn left. These have yet to be blocked (and they could use a good blocking), so I've yet to see whether my skein of Jitterbug will have the property other Ravelers have complained about: dye in the wash water.

Considering I can get the same yarn feel along with more yardage and less cost from a skein of STR, I think that's what I'll be sticking with in the future.

Last night's meeting of the Hurricane Knitters was just what I needed after an extremely stressful day at work. I did indeed work on my second mitten and am now ready to start the hand/thumb. I have a long weekend ahead, and I'm planning on using it to work on several WIPs. Perhaps I'll even resurrect some UFOs ... we shall see!

ETA: Help a knitter out, will ya? If you're on Ravelry, go vote for my friend WeirdyPants, who's been nominated for a Bobby!


  1. I almost got some Jitterbug at Knit One but the skimpy yardage and my unskimpy feet made me think twice.

  2. Pretty! I'm with you - the knots are most likely the culprit behind the mismatched pooling. They both look groovy cool, though!

    If this curse ever lifts, a pair of purl-free Monkeys are next on my list. Maybe I'll actually keep this pair...

  3. What a bummer about the knots. I have a skein of this in my stash... I'm anxious to see what happens with it.

    Another yarn I'd recommend is Hazel Knits on Etsy. I recently bought one of hers because it was our foot ball team colors, but wow... I LOVE it. Nice twist and so soft. It practically knits itself!

    Anyway... nice monkeys! :)

  4. Love the socks! Love the color. I am still working on mine. I have another pair I finished in bright pink, and I have not noticed any fading in them. Maybe I just did not see it.

  5. That sucks about the knots - the skein of Jitterbug that I used for my last pair of socks had no knots at all (though I did run out because the yardage is not so good). The socks look great!

  6. You knit so fast!! Wow! I've only knit once with the Jitterbug yarn myself, and all the yarn and colorways are great, but I really think for the price there should be more yardage. Besides, I like my socks a bit taller anyway.

  7. Really gorgeous! I must be one of the only knitters that hasn't been burned by the yardages issue with Colinette...