Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Somewhat Boring

Get ready, folks. I'm about to show you a very boring picture that is nonetheless very exciting for me. Are you ready? Sure? Okay, here ya go:

Do you know what this is? Even if you can't identify the part of the garment, you can no doubt deduce from the complete lack of color that it's something for The Mister. In fact, this is the sleeve of his second Seamless Hybrid. A sleeve, people! Do you know what that means? It means the body tube is done! At The Mister's request, I added more length to the body -- two inches, to be exact. It may not seem like that much, but that's 14 additional rounds, with 200 stitches per round. In gray. Not fun. True, the sleeves are longer than the body, but at least I get to increase a bit. (Is that sad, that I'm getting excited about increasing?)

Aside from those many rounds of stockinette, I've put a few additional rows on Icarus, and I've been working on the socks you haven't seen yet, which should be finished tonight. I will need the stockinette for the game tomorrow, though, so you haven't seen the last of the gray wool!


  1. I luck out on one aspect of Tom's sweaters, he has a long torso but short arms. Wooo!

  2. I must be weird, b/c stockingette in the round doesn't bore me in the least. It's kind of soothing b/c it's so brainless.

    Chris wore his Cobblestone on Monday. Made my day. Internets are available at the field today. WOOT!