Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What Day Is It?

I apologize for the silence on the blog these past several days. The holiday weekend combined with packing up the house combined with moving in with my parents proved to be the perfect storm that kept me away from blogging.

Will you forgive me if I show you pretty man-sweater pictures? Pretty please?

Pattern: Seamless Hybrid from Knitting without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Yarn: Cascade 220 Wool, color 8400, approximately 5.25 skeins
Needles: US 6 (4.0 mm) 32" Addi Turbo circs and dpns
Started/Completed: March 17/May 23
Recipient: The Mister

This sweater looks very much like the last version, which, if you know my husband's taste in knitting, is no surprise. Although I used the same numbers as last time, I made several key changes in version 2.0.

First, The Mister complained that the original was too short, so I added an inch and a half to the body and about a quarter inch to the sleeve length. I also opted for a simple 2x2 rib for the cuffs instead of knitted-in hem facings. You'll notice that the back of the neck is a little different as well; I wasn't completely satisfied with my grafting job on the long saddle the last time around, so this time I worked the two shoulder saddles to the same point and then worked a third saddle in between them. Finally, although the original fit The Mister just fine, I thought it would be a little more comfy on him if he had a little more room, so I worked in a little more ease by going up a needle size.

Although the timing wasn't ideal for finishing this sweater -- true to my prediction, the temps went into the 80s shortly after I bound off -- The Mister is still thrilled with it. In fact, it's a little chilly this evening, so he asked if it would be okay with me if he kept it on for a while. Then he suggested I make one for my father for the holidays this year. Does this mean there's more stockinette tubes in my future?


  1. Ah, I wondered where you'd been! Very nice sweater!

  2. Very nice sweater indeed! I missed you and welcome back!

  3. Looks very nice. Great custom fit!

    Missionary knit gifting... he must love it. :)

  4. Well done! I should give that a shot one of these days :) Has to fit better than the Cobblestone did! :)

  5. ooooh, that's very nice! i think one of these will be in my future! well, my husband's future anyways...

  6. It looks wonderful AND you got him to model it!! Great fit!

  7. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Yep, sounds like more stockinette tubes to me.

    The sweater looks great and he obviously loves it.

  8. Great sweater, EZ would be so proud!

  9. Anonymous2:06 PM

    2nd one already and I still hadn't finished my first. Now I challenge you, you make the same thing, from the TOP DOWN!

    Muah ha ha ha ha!

  10. Yes (your future holds more stockinette tubes). But isn't it nice that he actually likes and wears it?

    I wish it was 80 here. It's cold.

  11. Oh, What a nice looking man sweater!! I do love the saddle shoulder on the guys. Really nice.

  12. What a great sweater! And very cute how he asked if he could keep it on for a while. ;)

  13. That looks outstanding!

  14. Anonymous1:55 AM

    Your stockinette is perfection and your man is lucky, lucky, lucky. You also knit as fast as you spin. Wow!