Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Does This Change Your Opinion?

I always find it so interesting to hear others' opinions on color. I have no formal training in color theory, so my approach to color is based only on my preferences. This is why I so much appreciate your feedback, especially from those of you who explained why you picked what you did.

In the end, if I was choosing strictly based on the popular vote, combination A would win out over combination B by a margin of seven to five. I'm still not decided, however, and I think part of reason is because I think I may have made a boo-boo when ordering. Here again, for reference, is combo B. Several of you noted that you thought the blue on the far left in the bottom row stood out too much, and I agree with that assessment. But I was puzzling over it, because I had thought about doing the vest in shades of brown and blue, and I couldn't figure out why my yarn choices seemed to be skewing green.

Then it hit me: I may have ordered the wrong color. Below is the color swatch for Marine Heather. If you look at the page with all the colors of Palette, you'll notice that it's right above the Rainforest Heather (the color I was worried would clash because it was purple-y). I think this may have been the color I was intending to order, but in my yarn shopping-induced haze, I think I clicked the wrong box.

Now, dear friends, humor me a bit and give me your opinion once again. What do you think of using this color in place of the green on the far right in the picture above? Do you think the light blue still stands out too much?

No three ply to show you just yet, I'm afraid. I'm using my jumbo head to ply, which means slow treadling. It's looking good so far, but because it's more effort to move the wheel, I can only spin for a little bit at a time. I'll try to finish in time for Spinning Sunday!


  1. I think it would be better than the green, but it still might blend in too much. Then again, I missed out on the whole discussion because I was overwhelmed by Bloglines when I came back. I'm not familiar with the pattern, are the bottom three colors supposed to be close or is that just what you picked?

  2. Anonymous1:31 AM

    If my head wasn't spinning before, it sure is now. A color woman I am not and I'll just admit defeat now. I sure hope someone who understands color better than I can help with your decision. Sorry. I like them all. :-)

  3. I've never done Fair Isle (I'm a scurrdy cat) and I've not had to mesh colors together much in my knitting. Or at all actually.

    There's my disclaimer for the inevitable opinion coming your way because I just can't help myself.

    I like the newer color better and I agree with the previous comment-ors who said that the blue in the first photo pops too much. I think the heathered blue will work much better.

  4. I'm also on the bandwagon of taking out the bottom-left blue rather than the bottom-right green. I'm pretty good at this stuff, but I'm a lot better in person than I am via photo. I just don't trust monitors! :)

  5. I liked it with the blue before. I think it would look even better with the blue that has a bit of green running through it, though.

  6. I think that as long as you like the color combo, that's all that matters. You're the one that will be wearing it, after all! :)

  7. Darn that yarn haze! lol!

    I think that makes a big difference. and pulls the blue in a little more. It'll still be brighter, but in a good way.

  8. Actually, I think you keep the rainforest, and use the marine instead of the pool, if you're going to go that route!

  9. Oh, the Ivy League vest? Whichever route you go, it's bound to be a winner:)

  10. ok...because I feel the need to throw in my two cents too...

    I think that if you are really in love with the blue then I would definitely go with the Marine Heather. But I think that the brighter blue (was it called Pool?) is still a little brighter than the rest of the muted palate colors if you want it to blend.

    Just to confuse the issue more...if however you want to use the brighter blue as an accent it would be stupendous!

    Truthfully I'm just knitpicking (HA! I couldn't resist! I'm such a dork!) though because I think no matter what you choose to use it will turn out looking great.

  11. Oh! Almost forgot. Here is my trick for deciding between two things...

    Grab a quarter (now wait...just hang with me. It gets better.) Assign one yarn heads and one tails. Flip the coin. Don't look at it. Instead, think about which one you were really pulling for...the heads decision or the tails. That is what your heart really wants. Go from there...

  12. I still say you can't really tell until you swatch it. My first FI mittens I did with an orange solid and a multicolor varigated yarn and you couldn't "see" the solid color at all. I might as well have knit it with the one yarn.

    Looking at it, the blue you didn't buy does go better with the other yarns but will it hold its own as part of the team? Or cave and blend?