Thursday, August 30, 2012

Obligation Calls

Rainbow and I are enjoying a couple of days off while her daycare is closed. Last night, I told her she could sleep in this morning, which she took to mean "wake Mommy up at 5:40 a.m." The upside of this is that she took an exceptionally long nap this afternoon, and I took advantage of that time to put a serious dent in my SPAKAL spinning. I know I normally save my spinning talk for the weekend, but I feel it's important to note that this:

is my 12th -- and last -- bobbin of singles. If I wanted to push it, I could probably finish it off tonight, but I think I'm going to give my hands a break and switch to knitting for the evening. Specifically, I need to get started on some obligation knitting in the form of blanket for my best friend, who's due to have a baby boy in a few weeks. I've got a trio of colors of Cascade 220 Superwash ready to go:

I'm going to be using the Chasing Rainbows pattern and alternating colors every eight or ten rows until my yarn supply runs out. It should be a pretty quick knit, especially in comparison to my crazy laceweight sweater!

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Stripeyspots said...

Oh, I love that baby blanket pattern! Such a great way to use colours that you love!