Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Getting Close

For a while it seemed like I was in the black hole stage on both my active projects. You know, that point when you feel like you're just knitting and knitting but not making any progress? Fortunately, I seem to have gotten past that and am now approaching the end.

Rainbow's Berry Season Cardigan is getting very close to being done. I'm almost ready to start the ribbed cuff on the second sleeve, and all that remains once the sleeve is done are the button bands and the collar. I'm fairly confident in saying that this project should be off the needles by the end of the week.

I'm really pleased with how this is turning out, and I feel like I've learned a few things along the way. The body of this sweater is worked in one piece to the underarms; then the fronts and back are worked separately. The shoulder seams are joined using a three-needle bind off. Then stitches are picked up around the armscye and the sleeve cap is worked using German short rows. This was my first time using this short row method, and I really like it. It seems less complicated to me than short rows using wraps. One thing I have skipped on this pattern, though, is the tubular cast on and bind off. I tried the cast on and failed miserably, so I just did my normal long-tail cast on instead. I'm doing a bind off in ribbing to match. I'm sure I'll give the tubular method a go another time, but this time it just wasn't right.

My socks, meanwhile, are about 75% done. I got nearly all of the leg of the second sock done during the several hours I spent in the car over the weekend, and thanks to lunchtime knitting and knitting while I put Rainbow to bed last night, I'm now almost through the heel flap and gusset increases.

When these socks are done, I'll be ready to cast on for another pair with a skein of yarn that showed up on Friday.

This is more Fibernymph Dye Works Bounce, the same yarn I'm using for the socks that are on the needles. The colorway is called Advance to Go, and it's inspired by the colors in Monopoly. This colorway has an eight-stripe repeat, so I think they'll just be plain vanilla socks. I have a feeling that they will be hard to put down because of the stripes!

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