Sunday, June 14, 2015

Spun Like a Monet

It's been a crazy weekend. I've barely been home, let alone had time to craft (I totally failed as a knitter by not knitting in public for Worldwide Knit in Public Day), but I managed to get a few moments in between chores (read: while I waited for laundry to be done and the bathroom to dry after I cleaned it) to finish spinning up the last of the singles of the Three Waters Farm Falkland. The colorway is called Courtyard Flowers, but frankly the colors make me think more of Monet's Water Lilies, especially on the bobbin like this.

Now that the singles are spun, it's time to chain ply, though I'm not sure yet if that will happen tonight or some other night.

There's plenty of fiber waiting in the wings, and even more this week, as two more packages showed up. First, I received an order from Into the Whirled that I placed a while ago as part of the Mega SAL on Ravelry. This is Death (really, that's the colorway name!) on superwash merino:

The plan is to spin this into my usual three-ply sock yarn -- then I can knit Socks of Death! This fiber even came with a tiny sample of some merino/silk to try out:

Then, on Friday, I got my final shipment from the Fat Cat Knits Mixed Blessings club for the "transformations" theme. Every shipment has a choice of two fiber blends, and I decided to reach a little outside my comfort zone this time with a blend of 80% Polwarth/20% black alpaca. I really wish you could pet this fiber through the screen!

The colorways this time around are called Storm Surge (the more colorful braid) and Blissful Calm (the one that's shades of blue), and they're meant to represent stormy waters and a smooth sea respectively. I'm fairly certain I'll choose the easy way out and do a two ply with these, with one ply of each color. Or perhaps I'll spin each separately so I can do another two-color brioche cowl (can a girl have too many of those?). Or perhaps I'll change my mind several times. I suppose I'll just have to pet the fiber until I figure it out.

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