Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Surprise Patterns!

As much as I hate keeping a secret, I do love a good reveal -- and I get to do one today! I have two new patterns to share with you that have been in the works for many months. It's been hard to sit on this one, I'll admit.

Way back in November, when Rainbow came down with the first of many illnesses of this past year and I was home with her, I decided to knit up a hat for her. I had an idea for a slouchy hat with a little inset detail, so I pulled out some stash yarn and started knitting. The prototype came out so cute that I decided to submit it to a magazine, and of course I was thrilled when it was accepted!

Now, lest you think it was as easy as that, I will say that there were a number of complications along the way. The magazine, Knit Now, is based in the UK, as is the yarn supplier. There was a delay in getting the yarn to me across the pond (and it arrived just after Rainbow had recovered from her second illness of the year but when I was home apparently suffering from the same thing). Then the editor broke her leg and was working from home for a while, so there were a lot of e-mails and files going back and forth. In the end, though, it was definitely worth it, and I'm thrilled to finally be able to talk about these patterns.

The Hermia Hat, the original design, is a slightly slouchy topper that starts with a twisted ribbing brim. The ribbing flows organically into the inset detail, which is meant to look like a small tree that can be seen through a window or archway.

The hat is graded for three sizes (child, adult small, and adult large), and the level of slouch is entirely customizable -- you can add length if you want more slouch or start the decreases sooner if you want more of a beanie-style fit.

I also made some fingerless mitts to match, which are also available in three sizes:

The yarn I used for both samples is Eden Cottage Yarns Titus 4 ply, a really delightful 70% merino/30% silk fingering weight. It has lovely drape and, as you can see, great stitch definition.

As exciting as it is to share these two patterns, you know what's even more exciting? They made the cover the of the magazine!

If you're interested in getting your hands on a copy of the magazine, you can order a hard copy here or get a digital copy by downloading the app here. If you're interested in just the individual patterns, please know that I'll be publishing them in my Ravelry store as soon as I get the rights back, so look for them in the fall.

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