Thursday, June 18, 2015

In the Ribbing

Rainbow's sweater isn't done yet, but it's closer than it was the last time you saw it. I decided to spend Tuesday evening spinning, so I only worked on it last night. Still, that time was enough to allow me to finish the second sleeve and pick up for the first button band.

At this point, all the knitting that's left to do is in 1x1 ribbing -- not my favorite. I know it will look good when it's done, but I find it slow and somewhat tedious. I ended up picking up about four more stitches than specified for the first band, and as this is the one with the buttonholes, I'm going to have to make some minor adjustments with regard to their placement. If all goes according to plan, I will be able to buy buttons when I visit my LYS on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the socks are continuing (though they, too, missed out on some knitting time on Tuesday due to an unexpected lunch out with coworkers). I finished the heel of the second sock last night, so now I'm just cruising down the foot.

As soon as Rainbow's sweater is done, I have yarn ready for the next project to be cast on. There are two babies due to arrive next month for whom I want to knit. The first is the second son of my childhood best friend. The first son got this sweater, which I loved knitting but obviously couldn't knit again for the second kid (I figure #2 will be able to wear it as a hand-me-down anyway). So I decided on the Boy Sweater for this one, and I'll be knitting it in this lovely springy green Malabrigo Rios:

I'm planning to knit a 6 month size, as the kid should be right around that size (or so I hope) when the weather gets cold enough to need a sweater. I should have plenty of yarn to knit a hat to go with the sweater as well. If Rainbow's sweater does indeed get done this weekend, then I'll soon be swatching!

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