Thursday, June 11, 2015


And now we return to our regularly scheduled knitting, already in progress.

I have been making great progress on Rainbow's Berry Season Cardigan, which has been my main evening knitting project this week. All that's left to knit on the body is the remainder of the right front, and that will be completed this evening (and in short order, too, because I think I have less than a dozen rows left to do). Then I will join the shoulders with a three-needle bind off and start in on the sleeves.

I'm really liking how this is knitting up, and I think it's going to be really cute on her when it's done. I'm hoping that my bit of a gamble with the gauge works out for the best; I ended up being just slightly off on gauge (off in a way that would make the sweater smaller than it should be), but given that my daughter is smaller than the specified finished measurements for this size and that I'm using superwash wool, I think it should be okay. I'm planning to stretch the sweater out just a tad when it's blocking, mainly to open up the lace sections, but that should help out should a little more room be needed.

Meanwhile, thanks to lunchtime and a bit of weekend knitting, I finished my first sock in the Fibernymph Dye Works yarn:

Usually when I knit with self-striping yarn, I feel a compulsion to make the stripes match in both socks, which can be a not-so-great thing when the stripe sequence is long. With these socks, I was trying to convince myself that it would be okay if I didn't manage it. The stripe sequence is only four stripes long, but because I'm using a smaller needle and knitting a larger size than I typically would with a fingering weight yarn, that means I'm using more yarn per sock than I normally would. Fortunately, to my great relief, I was able to make it work. I finished Kitchenering the toe of the first sock last night using the color of the stripe right before the one I'd used to start the sock (I actually started casting on at the spot where the color changed), and when I weighed my leftovers, I had more than 50 g left, so I should be fine for the second sock and probably even have some leftovers.

Tomorrow I'm taking a day off from work (it's one of the days that I'll lose at the end of the month if I don't take it), and other than a follow-up appointment with the periodontist in the morning, I'm planning on spending the day with my knitting and spinning. We have a busy weekend ahead, so my goal is to get in as much relaxation time as possible.

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  1. That sweater's going to be adorable! I love the pink :) I also love the colors in that sock yarn, glad to hear you'll be able to manage a matching pair!