Monday, December 31, 2007

2007: A Year in Review

Today is the last day of the year, which means it's time for my annual knitting self-reflection post. It's certainly been quite a year. By far, this was the most productive year I've had as a knitter. It was also an extremely busy year at work and in my personal life, which really makes me think I might thrive on stress and pressure. This year, I completed:
  • 39 pairs of socks,
  • five adult sweaters,
  • four baby sweaters,
  • two scarves,
  • one lace shawl (for the wedding!),
  • one baby blanket,
  • one lace garter (also for the wedding),
  • one baby hat,
  • one pair of baby booties,
  • one felted bag,
  • and a heck of a lot of miniatures/ornaments.

You can see the year's photo album here.

I have a number of knitting goals for the year ahead. The first is to finish all the baby sweaters I have planned. I also want to continue to work to reduce my stash, because I know there's a lot of great yarn I have that I've forgotten about because it's been in the stash so long. I won't exclude the occasional yarn purchase every now and then, but I have several sweaters' worth of yarn already and plenty of sock yarn to keep me busy for a while, so there really isn't a need. Although I know I will likely have to have a pair of socks going at all times as usual, I'd like to focus more on larger garments in the year ahead, specifically sweaters and lace. It's gotten to the point where I could probably go about three weeks wearing a pair of hand-knit socks every day without having to wash any, so my feet certainly aren't cold.

My final goal is to finish the WIPs that have been on the needles this year and will be on the needles going into next year: Shedir (the oldest WIP, on the needles since February), Icarus (cast on in August), and the mate to the first Bird in Hand mitten (cast on 12/14/07). Here's a peek at what's destined to be the first finished object of 2008:

I wish all of you a very happy, healthy, and productive 2008!


  1. Anonymous4:56 PM

    That looks like another lovely PeaPod sweater! Happy new year to you & J!

  2. 39 pairs of socks? All I have to say is WOW. Happy New Year!

  3. That is an awfully prolific knitting year! Apparently, I also thrive on stress and pressure, and the lack thereof has really kicked me in the ass over the last six months. I'm glad 2007 has brought a new group of friends into my life :) See you Wednesday!

  4. My goodness, that's a busy year! Happy new year!

  5. I can't believe all you accomplished!! Well done!
    Happy New Year!

  6. All great projects, Happy New Year!

  7. 39 pairs of socks?! My feet are jealous!

  8. Anonymous4:11 PM

    AMAZING! I'm boggling at the 39 pairs of socks. :) Go you!