Thursday, September 03, 2015

Slow and Steady Is the Theme

I am continuing to plod away on my two active projects, and sadly there isn't a whole lot of progress to be seen. I've added maybe another two inches to my sock, so I am getting closer to the heel though it doesn't look like much.

And I've added another couple of rounds to my double-knit cowl, which really doesn't seem like much considering that I've actually gotten faster at the technique. I'm about halfway through the second pattern repeat at this point; when I've finished this repeat, I'll weigh my yarn to get a better sense of how many total repeats I'm going to end up doing to maximize my yarn usage and minimize the chance of playing yarn chicken at the end.

I am counting on the long holiday weekend coming up to make some real progress on these projects and to cast on for Rainbow's school sweater. I did manage to type up directions for it the other night, so I just need to wind some more yarn and get started on that. And I am definitely hoping to do some more spinning; I had an eye exam yesterday and couldn't really do much with my pupils dilated, so I spent a bit of time at my wheel yesterday and enjoyed it immensely. But I'll talk more about that on Sunday!

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