Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Stitches Add Up

For a while there, I was stuck in the knitter's black hole where I kept knitting but nothing ever seemed to get bigger. This weekend, I finally overcame that. For starters, I finished a pair of socks!

These are plain vanilla stockinette socks worked over 70 stitches using a size 0 (2.0 mm) needle. The yarn was my handspun, what I'm calling "pseudo-self-striping" yarn spun from Three Waters Farm Falkland that I bought at MDSW last year. I have not weighed them yet to see how much of the yarn I used, but there's still a significant amount of the skein left. I finished these Friday night -- just in time to wear them on Saturday, when it was cool and rainy all day.

I spent several hours on Saturday working on Rainbow's school sweater, which I'd cast on last Saturday (apparently this project is destined to be worked on on Saturdays). I've finished all the raglan increases and will be ready to separate the sleeve stitches from the body stitches on the next row.

I didn't feel like I had to hurry to get this sweater done, but then the temperature dipped over the weekend, so perhaps I'll be working on it on days other than Saturday now. The temperatures are supposed to go up again this week, but true fall weather will be here before we know it, so I'll need to keep moving on this.

The other project that finally seems to be making progress is my double-knit cowl. As I've gotten further into it, I've gotten faster at it, so I'm now able to get more done per knitting session. I've got about a repeat and a half of the pattern plus the plain rounds left to do.

I'm really excited about this project. It's come together a lot better than I was expecting. I'm hoping that it will block out a little larger so that I can double it comfortably. The cooler weather has put me in the mood to wrap something soft and cozy around my neck!


  1. Look at all that progress! Those socks are so much fun :) And I'm loving the color of Rainbow's sweater!

  2. I love your stripy socks. I really need to knit some socks from handspun. And I absolutely have to give double knitting a try. I have the perfect yarn for knitting a d-k cowl or scarf. I just have to make up my mind to do it. Your cowl is really lovely and an inspiration.