Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Things That Make Me Happy

Despite how busy things were over the weekend, I managed to squeeze in a few minutes of knitting time on Friday night to finish up my double-knit cowl. I threw it in to soak Saturday morning, and by Sunday it was dry. And I love it!

It is super squishy and soft -- as you would expect from a Polwarth/silk yarn! -- and everything evened out nicely with blocking. Now I just have to write up the pattern, a task that's on my to-do list for this week. Fingers are crossed that the weather cooperates enough to take pictures this weekend.

Meanwhile, Rainbow's school sweater is just flying along. I'm just about done with the first sleeve (all that's left is the cuff!), which I only started yesterday. At this rate, I'll have both done by the weekend and all that will be left to do is the button bands and collar, which I'm pretty confident I can knock out in an evening or two. The mornings have started to be cooler, and Rainbow has been wearing a sweater to school, so it will be nice to give her another option when she needs another layer.

I have been pondering what to knit next, and while I did spend the last two evenings swatching for a new design, I think it's also about time to start another sweater for myself. I'm pretty sure it's going to be the Cabletta Cardigan, the yarn for which I bought at MDSW two years ago and has been sitting in my stash ever since. I have three skeins of Miss Babs Yowza in a beautiful cerulean; the challenge will be to wind them, given that each skein has a whopping 560 yards in it (they don't call it Yowza for nothing!). My ball winder likely can't fit all of that in one center-pull cake, so I'm guessing I'll have to split it up into maybe two cakes per skein. That will likely work out a bit better for alternating skeins; smaller cakes will be a lot more manageable, even if they will mean more ends to weave in.

It is getting decidedly more fall-like -- cooler temperatures, less daylight -- and while I'm not happy about all of the changes, I am happy that it is getting to be sweater weather. Here's hoping I can burn through some of my sweater stash this year!


  1. That cowl is so lovely and I'm excited to see Rainbow's sweater finished! Also, A Cabletta with Miss Babs? Yes, please! Those skeins are so ridiculously big... I have at 1700 yard whopper from her that I didn't attempt to wind myself and had someone do it at the fiber festival I was at... the cake is as big as my head! And I'm not exaggerating!

  2. I'm looking forward to the cowl pattern. I really want to knit one.