Sunday, June 17, 2018

Free Spin

I got home from TNNA yesterday, and almost as soon as I was unpacked, I sat down at my wheel -- I had missed it that much.

But before I get to what I've been madly spinning the past two days, let's talk about what I finished earlier in the week. You saw the finished singles from that fluffy pink batt last Sunday, but here is the yarn that I plied up Monday evening:

The finished skein is pretty uneven but probably is about sport weight on average and measures up at about 208 yards. I'm actually very happy with it because the spinning of this batt was really outside my comfort zone. I have been working on my woolen spinning and really letting go (the opposite of my usual short forward draw, where I'm in complete control). I was so pleased with the experience -- and with how much faster it is by comparison -- that I figured I should do more of it. And that's where the most recent spinning comes in.

At the beginning of this year, after Ginny of FatCatKnits announced that she was closing her business, I bought a set of three batts from her Etsy shop (this photo is from the original listing):

These have been patiently waiting for me to work up the courage to spin them as they were intended to be spun, and when I saw them yesterday, I knew it was finally time. The set weighed something like 5.2 oz total, but long draw is so fast that I managed to spin up the singles from all three batts since yesterday afternoon. I am, in a word, enchanted.

I plan to ply these in the same way I plied the pink batt: I will wind off each single using my ball winder and ply it back on itself. But I'll let the singles rest a bit first, and in the meantime, my latest Southern Cross Fibre club shipment arrived while I was away:

This is Divergence on Corriedale -- should makes some excellent sock yarn!

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  1. Beautiful spinning! I am sorry to hear about another maker going out of business.