Sunday, June 24, 2018

Just in the Nick of Time

We're back from our long weekend (and frankly, all things being equal, I probably would have preferred to stay home, but whatever). Before we left, I made it a point to finish plying all the singles I showed you last weekend -- I even skeined them up and washed them! They were dry before we left on Friday, so I was able to get a glamour shot or two in before we had to get on the road.

These skeins were so far outside my comfort zone but I absolutely love them. They all ended up well balanced and surprisingly consistent with each other (though certainly the yarn itself is a bit thick and thin as you'd expect). The fiber of each color weighed between 48 and 50 grams, and the finished skeins are all between 95 and 100 yards. I'd say the yarn is overall in the DK/light worsted range, and I think these three skeins would look really spectacular in the yoke of a sweater.

I had a bit of time after I finished plying the final skein and before I needed to get into bed on Thursday night, so I got a very preliminary start on my next project, the Southern Cross Fibre Corriedale that recently arrived. I just spent about an hour working on it this afternoon in between loads of laundry.

I am spinning this for sock yarn (surprise surprise!) and split the top into four strips so I can do a pseudo-self-striping skein. I'm nearly finished with the first strip, but that's probably less than a quarter of all the fiber because I didn't do my splitting very evenly. My goal is to finish this up in the next two weeks or so, before the start of the Tour de Fleece, so I can start fresh.


  1. That trio of freshly plied yarns are gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! They were such fun to spin!