Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Foiled Again

Today has been A Day. I've been running almost nonstop since early this morning, when I had a 7:15 a.m. orthodontist appointment. I hardly had a moment to catch my thoughts at work. I thought that it had been so exhausting a day that I deserved a glass of wine with dinner -- but then I got so busy making said dinner, prepping tomorrow's dinner, and packing lunches for tomorrow that I forgot to pour it! So forgive me if I'm phoning it in on the blog tonight (the fact that I'm posting so late in the day should tell you just how busy it was).

The big projects are still in progress, but I finished up my handspun hat over the weekend, and I'm delighted with how it came out.

At some point this week I'm hoping to find the time to get the pattern together and send it off to my tech editor, though with the way it's been going, that might not happen until the weekend.

I also finished a book last night, but I haven't had time to write up my review yet!

I'll close with a recommendation for those of you who have Amazon Prime: Last night the Mister and I watched Brittany Runs a Marathon, which we both enjoyed. It was just the right balance of uplifting, funny, and touching. Highly recommend!


  1. It sounds like maybe a glass of wine is in order to sip this evening. I also forgot to pour mine to have with dinner but am enjoying it now. Join me, won't you? :-)
    P.S I completely agree with your assessment of Brittany Runs a Marathon. I'd love to find more movies like that!

  2. I so admire those who can spin. I love the hat and will look forward to the pattern being posted.

  3. I love that hat (and I seem to be on a hat kick recently!) I am going to find Brittany Runs a Marathon today (it might be perfect after Troop Zero)

  4. I must say, you phoned in a great post! Love the hat and thank you for the movie recommendation. Marc and I are looking for something else to watch :-)