Sunday, February 23, 2020

Pretty as a Peacock

One of the reasons I stay in the Southern Cross Fibre club and continue to receive a shipment of spinning fiber every month despite an already well-stocked fiber stash is that David has a real talent with color. He can do bright, he can do subtle, and he can do everything in between. Some months back he asked club members to post some inspiration photos for upcoming shipments. For November 2019, David selected this photo:

As usual, he did a stellar job at dyeing. I started spinning Friday night; this afternoon, I'd already completed one bobbin (shown here with the second half of the fiber).

The fiber is South African superfine -- basically the softest, most luscious wool you can imagine. All I did to the fiber before I started spinning was to split it in half lengthwise, and I'm spinning up both halves starting with the same end. My hope is that I'll get some spots in the finished yarn where the colors match up and some where they don't.

These colors, though, are just amazing me. There are some spots where they actually seem to be glowing. I especially love seeing one color peeking through on the bobbin:

I certainly hope this is a finished skein by this time next week -- frankly I might just wrap it around my neck and call it done!


  1. When I saw your spinning photo on IG, I wondered if there might be some silk in the fiber making it glow. It looks like it is all due to David's dyeing prowess and your spinning. Simply gorgeous!

  2. Anonymous6:38 AM

    Oh wow, those colors turned out so beautiful!

  3. Wow, these colors are just magnificent! David is truly a master at colors. I can't wait to see this plied!

  4. Wow seems to be the word of the moment here! The colors are amazing and I think you've got just the right idea for how to turn it into yarn (and a cozy neck warmer ;-)

  5. OH this is absolutely stunning! WOW. I love the colours! I have never seen this wool before, but it took the dye amazingly! I'm really looking forward to seeing this done. :)