Tuesday, February 25, 2020

One Little Word: February 2020

It's hard to believe that it's already the last week of February! This month always goes by quickly for me, but this year it seems especially speedy. I suppose that's because it's been a busy month -- lots of meetings, appointments, and days off to mess with the usual schedule. Throughout this month, however, I've really been making an effort to focus on my word for the year, savor, and today I'm linking up with Honoré and friends to look back at my word over the last month.

Much of the way the word is manifesting itself in my life has to do with being present in the moment and noticing what is happening or how I am feeling in that moment. There doesn't necessarily have to be anything profound in that moment; I think I mentioned last month that one noticeable way I'm savoring is to focus on my first sip of coffee in the morning rather than drinking it while multitasking, as I am apt to do. Rather it's about the pause and the mindfulness and how they allow me to savor the moment.

Part of the reason I selected this word was because I've had some very sad reminders in the past year that life is short and unpredictable. I can do everything right -- eat well, exercise, get enough sleep, etc. -- and bad things can still happen, so I want to be sure to enjoy every minute of my life that I can. Life is busy, of course, and as a working mother, I'm frequently juggling my many responsibilities, so it's taking some time to adjust to the realization that I might not have to get everything done and, more importantly, I don't always have to get everything done (or at least not get it all done quickly). My first priority will always be my family, and they have to come first, even to the detriment of doing things I love, like knitting and reading. Last night I spent time I would have preferred to have spent knitting instead untangling and rewinding two skeins of yarn that Rainbow brought home from school so she could use them for her after-school finger knitting class. It could have been a frustrating experience, but instead I chose to focus on how nice the yarn felt in my hands and how thankful she was that I spent this time detangling so she didn't have to do it. She was so excited to see the skeins caked up that the time was really worth it.

As we head toward spring, I've also been savoring the signs in nature that it's coming. I can see the spring flowers along our driveway starting to poke up leaves and the rose bushes shooting out new branches. I always love this time of year, even though I will complain about winter not letting up its grip, because I always find it a bit of a miracle that nature manages to come through year after year despite the abuses we throw at it.

I've noticed a change in my approach to my knitting projects as well. Whereas before I've always seemed to be in a hurry to finish projects almost as soon as I've started them, I seem to have gotten more comfortable with having them in progress. I've really been enjoying working on my Darkwater, and as of today, the body is finished and the first sleeve has been started.

I really love working with this yarn, and the finished fabric just gets better and better the more it's worn and washed, so I'm really looking forward to having the finished sweater but thoroughly enjoying the journey to get there.

Likewise, I'm savoring my handspun socks, which are now about 75% complete.

I've got the pattern memorized at this point, which means that I can take a step back from my focus on the stitch pattern to appreciate the whole experience of knitting with my handspun, something that's always a pleasure.

Now I'm off to see how everyone else has been living with their word for 2020!


  1. What a beautiful post you wrote. I'll be rooting for you this year to get back to your word should you lose it (I hope not!) - as someone who lives mostly in her head, I struggle with mindfulness a lot. I am trying, but it's difficult for me (the signs of spring have helped though!).

    I absolutely love how your sweater is coming along, and KUDOS for keeping your good mood while untangling the yarn (this is something I definitely struggle with) ;) .

  2. Savoring my first sip of tea in the morning is indeed wonderful! It's clear that you are incorporating savor into your heart and attitude if you can find the good things about detangling and savor that kindness for Rainbow.

  3. I like your approach to your word, Sarah! It is not something I am good at - being in each moment and savoring them! A true challenge! But, I love how you have been savoring your projects! It is such a great feel, to not have some unrealistic need to rush something (deadline knitting not included) but to just revel in the joy of the stitches!

  4. Oh my gosh, I'm having yarn detangling flashbacks. We, too, have finger knitters here, and when my oldest started in school, she'd find NESTS of yarn to work with! It'd put her in a near panic, trying to detangle it all, and it was that panic mode that upped the necessity for my calm (which doesn't come naturally). I hadn't thought about that in so long, but your post brought it right back to me! And I have to say, the picture of your sweater, though I know it's awaiting sleeves, reminds me just how much I love short-sleeved sweaters with long tees under them :)
    Your 'savor' pal, Carolyn

  5. Your whole(hearted) approach to savor is so good! and a most welcome reminder to pause and enjoy even the little things. and to look for the good in all the things. I will try to remember to savor that first sip of coffee tomorrow morning ;-) (I'm not sure I could find a way to "savor" anything other than Rainbow's gratitude for those untangled skeins ... I hope you had something fun to read or watch to keep you company while you did it!)

  6. Savor is an excellent idea and your thoughts about it are insightful. Good for you for being willing to set things aside for your family. Speaking as a woman with grown children and now grandchildren, I have never regretted any of the time spent with and for my family. The sweater is looking good and it fits so well!