Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Heinz or Hunt's?

If you're wondering about the strange post title, it's because I'm feeling a little punny this morning -- this is a catch-up post (get it?). (Oh, and the answer to the question is always Heinz. Always.)

I'm still trying to get Rainbow to pose with her finished blanket, but thus far she's only been interested in snuggling with it. I guess it's a indication of the blanket's success that she's been sleeping with it every single night since it was finished. Blocking went well and squared it up decently, but it also stretched it out just enough that the fabric has really nice drape now. Here it is atop my queen-size bed for scale:

The details: I used Casapinka's Blanket of Calm (Ravelry link) as a jumping-off point to get me started, mainly because it was free and had just been released when I was thinking about starting this blanket. Once I understood the construction, I didn't have to refer to the pattern at all. The entire blanket is double crochet, with about four rounds of single crochet for a border. I used an F hook (3.75 mm) for the whole thing; I didn't swatch, but I knew that I generally use a US 5 (3.75 mm) knitting needle with fingering weight yarn for things like shawls, so I figured it would work well with crochet, too. The very center of the blanket is Holly Press Fibers SHEEPISHsock leftover from my I've Got Sunshine (Ravelry link) socks and the rest of it is Knit Picks Felici. I used two skeins each of the colorways Thunderstruck, Summer Camp, Test Pattern, Goth Kitty, Material Girl, Ever After, and Dark Rainbow (though there's about half of the second skein of Dark Rainbow left because Rainbow declared the blanket Big Enough at that point). Altogether, I used 677 grams -- 2,957.9 yards/2704.7 meters -- of yarn, and the only Felici left in my stash is that half skein or so of Dark Rainbow. I'm quite happy to have all that yarn out of my stash and that big boost to my Stash Dash total (which right now stands at 13,445.5 meters!).

Over the weekend we attended our nephew's first birthday party in the park. The theme was the Very Hungry Caterpillar, and I have to say that my sister-in-law did an excellent job on the treats (she ordered the cookies, which, though it's hard to see here, are foods with holes in them, just like in the book):

My nephew, however, remained unimpressed by the whole thing:

(That's Rainbow's hand and drink on the left side of the frame, trying to get his attention so he'd look at the camera. And yes, quite a few people at the party were not wearing masks. My sister-in-law comes from a Faux News family. Le sigh. We were all masked, and thankfully the party was outside.)

The good news is that the crocheted alpaca I made him seems to be a hit. Or at least it passed his taste test. I received this photo from my brother-in-law this morning:

I can't ask for a better reception than that to a hand-made gift for a 1-year-old!


  1. I love the title but I won’t vote because I don’t like ketchup or catsup. That Hungry Caterpillar idea is fun. I think most one year olds are less than impressed by birthday parties but so fun that he liked your alpaca!

  2. In Pittsburgh doesn't it HAVE to be all-Heinz-all-the-time??? ;-)
    The blanket is just perfect, Sarah! Rainbow will love it and use it forever, I'm sure.
    The party looks like great fun -- even if your little nephew is unimpressed.

  3. Puns are the highest form of ... I don't know what, but I do appreciate a good pun! The blanket is perfect, and I do enjoy your nephew's expression. He does seem very happy with his crocheted alpaca!

  4. Yes, Heinz! Hunt’s is way too tomato-y. I love—LOVE—Rainbow’s blanket!!! And good for you for celebrating with that adorable little man, masks and all. We had a similar experience, and we had to manage some awkward PR. Ultimately it opened up the door for conversation—but it caught me off guard. Thank goodness it’s Outdoor Season. I don’t even want to think about wintertime!

  5. Two well-loved knitting projects! Perfect! I love your nephew's expression, ha.

  6. (and I almost spit out my coffee at your ketchup pun - Heinz girl here, too. always!) That blanket turned out great - and WOW, yay on using so much yarn!!! I love that Hungry Caterpillar cake ... but my favorite photo in the whole post is that last one... I'm so glad he loves the alpaca!

  7. The blanket is so much fun. What a labor of love. It turned out great. I'm also thinking your reference to Faux News is another pun. The birthday treats are darling. These young moms are so creative. Most of the time the choices around here were yellow or chocolate cake and the color of the sprinkles and candles. In my defense, I did make the cakes from scratch. Sometimes that first birthday is a little overwhelming to the honored guest. He's a handsome little guy though.

  8. I'm very glad that you wore masks and I'm sorry that this is in your family, too ... (My SIL did a Hungry Caterpillar theme last year as well, but she made muffins and then put the caterpillar on them ... don't ask. It must have been a ton of work. They were very yummy though!).

    Rainbow's blanket looks absolutely fantastic!! And if the llama rattle passed the tasting, I think you're good for real. :) (He's super cute!)