Thursday, July 01, 2021

Three Things to Pack

We're leaving tomorrow morning for our quick trip up to Michigan, so that means that today is packing day. I'm linking up with Carole and friends for Three on Thursday with three things that are definitely coming with me.

1. At least one knitting project

This is that hat that I'd started and had to rip and redo because the brim was too big. I've done a round or two here and there, but I really need to get moving on it, and I think it'll be a perfect car project. I may bring along my ADVENTuresome Wrap as well, though it would be worked on while we're at my aunt and uncle's or the hotel -- there will be three of us in the back seat of the car, and that might be just a tad too tight to wind mini skeins.

2. Plenty of reading

My iPad will be coming with me, so of course I'll have access to ebooks, but I've picked out two hard-copy books to come along that are both for my bingo card.

3. My long-suffering spindle project

You've seen this project before -- it seems to come out once or twice a year but never actually get finished. I'm embarrassed by how long this has been in progress (I started it in May 2015!), and I'd really like to get it done. It's still Tour de Fleece and it's unrealistic to bring a wheel with me, so it seems like the perfect motivation to do some spindle spinning. Even if I only work on it for 15 minutes a day, that's better than nothing!

Whatever you have planned for the holiday weekend, I hope it's enjoyable, relaxing, and safe. See you back here on the 4th for some handspun!


  1. It always strikes me as funny that the first things crafters consider when traveling is having enough knitting and reading! (I'm doing the same thing, but no spindles.) Safe travels and I hope you have an enjoyable time!

  2. Those are good things to keep you occupied. Have a great trip!

  3. I always plan my knitting before I even think about clothes. Good book choices too. Have a great trip.

  4. That fleece looks like a fabulous head of hair ;) I think having access to ebooks is mandatory! I love that I can slip my Kindle into my bag and know that I'll be fine. Enjoy your time in Michigan!

  5. ooohhh, it's time to read Nickel Boys! Safe Travels and enjoy!!

  6. Have an amazing trip! (and that spindle and fiber look like they were made for each other!)

  7. Have a wonderful trip to Michigan, my home state by the way. It is gorgeous in the summer. Stay safe.

  8. Enjoy your trip and safe traveling. You have the important essentials sorted out for packing. Off you go.