Sunday, April 05, 2015

All That Glitters

Spinning this week has been all about the sparkle. I finished up the second bobbin of Southern Cross Fibre Bond/silk, which practically glows, though of course that doesn't come across in this photo.

I've been letting the singles sit for a few days before plying, which I'm hoping will happen this week. Ideally, I'd like to ply on the miniSpinner so that I can just sit and do it without thinking (if I want to ply on the Lendrum, I have to pay enough attention to move the yarn guide every now and then).

The miniSpinner is currently unavailable because I've been spinning the really sparkly stuff on it:

This is my Fat Cat Knits Noble Dragon, which is supposed to be only 20% nylon sparkle but seems like a lot more. Unfortunately, it's impossible to capture the sparkle on camera -- trust me, it's there. I started spinning this on Thursday and am more than halfway through the braid. I'm spinning it end to end and I'll chain ply when it's all done. My plan is to finish spinning these singles and let them rest while I ply the Bond/silk.

I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of spinning this month. Maryland Sheep & Wool is coming up in less than a month and I still haven't spun some of the fiber I bought last year!

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  1. I absolutely adore the color of the Noble Dragon! Happy spinning!