Thursday, April 30, 2015

One More Sleep

Tomorrow is the day I've been waiting for for a year -- the day I leave for Maryland Sheep and Wool! There are still a bunch of last minute things to do: packing, picking out my knitting, getting the house in order, etc. Usually I worry about running out of knitting when I pack for a trip, but this is one where that will not be a problem!

The only project that might actually get finished while I'm away are my Boogaloo socks. The first one is just about finished (I should be able to do the rest of the heel this evening). Do I really need to express how much I love it?

I had a slight issue with it yesterday when I was knitting away at my lunch break, looked down at it, and started to wonder why it was looking so long. So I measured it and then quickly realized that the length measurement I'd figured out was two inches too long; I'd forgotten to subtract 2 inches for the toe. Fortunately, I was only about half an inch past that point, but it did mean some ripping. I decided to do the toe in the handspun and reserve the commercial yarn for just cuffs and heels because it looks like there's plenty for both socks. I will likely start the second sock tomorrow to work on in the car.

My Airflow is moving along as well, though not nearly as quickly. The sleeve stitches are sitting comfortably on scrap yarn, and I've knit to the back shaping of the body. The knitting is pretty mindless at this point, though I do need to keep track of rows for shaping and the eyelets on the fronts.

I did meet my goal of finishing up the last batch of Gourmet Stash punis before leaving, so tonight I will wind off these singles, thereby freeing up the spindle to take along.

I do not have a big list of things to buy at the festival this year, for once. My stash is pretty well curated, so other than one thing I would like to get (a maintenance kit for my miniSpinner), anything I buy will be something that jumps out at me and begs to be taken home. As fun as it is to buy new yarn and fiber, what I really love about this weekend is being out with my people -- the people who think it's completely normal to whip out your knitting anytime, anywhere, and who get excited about all things fibery. I'm looking forward to meeting some friends who live elsewhere, seeing the animals, and taking it all it. If you happen to see me (I'll be wearing a Ravelry pin with my user name on it), please say hi!

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