Sunday, April 03, 2016

Done and Done

This weekend seems to have been good for finishing things. I finished a big project yesterday (you'll hear more about it this week). I finished a 1,000-plus-page book. I finished seven loads of laundry. And I finished spinning my Comeback wool singles.

I hadn't touched my miniSpinner all week due to my effort to finish my sweater, so it wasn't until yesterday afternoon that I finished up the first bobbin and started the second. I finished up the second in a couple of spinning sessions this afternoon. So now they will rest for a day or two and then I'll ply. I'm very interested to see how this fiber behaves when I wash it. It looks like it will end up a heavy fingering weight when plied, but if it poofs up at all when it gets wet, it could end up thicker than that. It will be a fun surprise for sure!

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