Thursday, April 07, 2016

The Old and the New

I didn't skip a beat between finishing up my sweater and casting on for the next project. Starting the first of the month, there's a new pattern in my LYS's yearlong shawl knitalong, and I came to the shop on Saturday with my yarn all wound (all I had to do was buy the pattern). The pattern this time around is Kouyou by Angela Tong. Although it's written for either worsted or sport weight, I decided to be a rebel and pulled out this handspun from my stash, a light fingering BFL/silk that I spun back in 2013:

I'd been saving this skein for quite some time because I wasn't quite sure what to do with it, but I think this is a good choice. It's chain plied, so I'll have basically stripes of color that shouldn't be too busy for the lace pattern.

Because the yarn I'm using is lighter than what's called for (and I'm using smaller needles as well so that the fabric isn't too droopy), I'm making the largest size shawl. I have a feeling it will still come out more shawlette size, but I'm okay with that. Thus far I've only had one small hiccup -- a forgotten increase, which I decided to fix by adding in a stitch rather than ripping back. The stockinette section is fairly mindless and moving right along.

My other bigger project on the needles is my Hitofude, which has seen minimal attention since we got back from vacation (mainly because I was focusing so much on finishing the other sweater). I have, at least, gotten to the first color change, so that's keeping things interesting.

This is one of those projects that I have a feeling will creep along at a slow but steady pace. Fortunately the pattern itself is simple enough that it's easy to put down and pick up -- I don't even need to mark my place on the lace chart.

The only other project on the needles at the moment is my pink striped socks, and those are about 75% complete.

I'm starting to give the ball of yarn the side eye, as it looks like it's getting smaller sooner than I would like, but I have confidence that I should have enough even though I wound off several yarns to get to the right spot in the striping pattern to start the second sock. I have used this same yarn several times before and have knit socks with the same stitch count and measurements, and I've always ended up with a good-sized ball of yarn leftover, so there's no reason to think that won't be the case this time. Right?

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