Sunday, April 10, 2016

Something's Wrong with This Equation

As you know, I've been trying to make a more concerted effort to decrease the size of my stash, which has meant more knitting from it (especially with regard to handspun) and more spinning of fiber. I felt very good about the most recent skein off my wheel, a project that was done very quickly. I spun pretty much all of the singles in two spinning sessions and had it all plied in another two -- and the yarn came out exactly as I was hoping!

This is Comeback wool from Southern Cross Fibre in the colorway Westringia. It was one of the coordinates from the November club. I spun it into a very springy, bouncy two ply that's heavy fingering to sport weight and 369 yards. This skein has amazing squish to it.

This was my first time spinning this particular type of wool, and I thoroughly enjoyed it -- so much so that as soon as this skein was off the wheel and soaking in the tub, I grabbed the other coordinate I got (Hibiscus) and immediately started spinning it. I finished up the first bobbin earlier today (the second one is already in progress as well).

Given how fast these two batches of fiber have been spinning up, you'd think I was doing a great job of getting through the fiber stash. Well, I was -- until this week. My friend Colleen, who I've known for about five years and who has been one of my MDSW travel companions for the last four years, is moving back home to Michigan. She's done a lot of getting rid of stuff in the process of packing up her house, and she arrived at knit night this past week with a garbage bag full of fiber. Another friend took some of it, but I came home with nearly a pound and a half of fiber from her. She said it might be good stuff to give to someone learning to spin, as it's all well prepped but undyed, but I might also have fun playing with it. Here's what was in the bag:

Natural cream Corriedale, 6.75 oz./191 g

Natural brown Corriedale, 5.375 oz./124 g

Dark brown Jacob, 8.5 oz./240 g

Natural gray Norwegian, 5.875 oz./167 g

I might try some dyeing or even card up a blend of something on my drum carder. Or perhaps I'll just leave them as they are and spin them up as is. Either way, I have a lot of spinning to do if I hope to make a real dent in the fiber stash. It's a good thing the Tour de Fleece and Stash Dash are coming up soon!

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