Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Stripes All Around

Without having planned it, I find myself with three projects on the needles that all have stripes.

First there are the pink and gray socks, which I had expected to stripe given that they're being knit out of self-striping yarn. I worked to get both socks to match, and though I had to cheat a little bit after I finished the heel of the second sock and saw that I was a little off, from the front they're nearly perfect. I just have to finish the toe of the second sock and they'll be done (and that should happen very easily tonight).

Then there's my Kouyou, which is being knit out of handspun. The yarn was chain plied, so logically I knew it would stripe when knit up, but somehow it still surprised me. I do like the effect, and I'm moving right along on it. I did work additional rows of the stockinette portion to get it to be a bit bigger (the lace portion comes pretty much straight down from the stockinette, with no additional increases, so all the shaping has to happen before the lace starts). I plan on blocking it pretty aggressively, though I still think this shawl is going to come out more shawlette size. I don't really have an issue with that, but I'm hoping I won't have a ton of yarn leftover; if I do, it's likely to just wallow in my stash with the other leftovers.

Finally there's my Hitofude, which frankly hasn't gotten much attention the past week. I put in a handful of rows over an evening or two, so it hasn't gotten much bigger, but you can see that I'm now fully into the orange section of the gradient.

This project will, of course, have large stripes of each color as I work my way through the skein. I expect I'll be paying it more attention once I finish up the socks, because then the shawl will go to work with me. Unless I cast on a new pair of socks, of course (and there is some sort-of self-striping handspun waiting to become socks).

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